Monday, November 28, 2016

9 months in prison for having attempted to escape from the police by plunging into the Seine – The Paris

Shas crossed into the freezing water of the Seine was led… in front of the tribunal de grande instance of Nanterre. This Monday, the man who had swum 1 km between Clichy-la-Garenne et l’ile-Saint-Denis, on the eve, in order to escape police has been sentenced to nine months ‘ imprisonment with warrant of committal. He was found in appearance immediate for driving without a license and refusal to obey orders. And his course under the water had not failed to bring a smile to the judges. Already, before the arrival of the accused on the bench, the president quipped : “the matter is distracting for a time.” “It is a sort of competitio n for the future olympic Games of 2024,” says she, before resuming his serious and detail the facts.

It was 3: 50 p.m. on that Sunday when the swimmer experienced it intersects with the route of the officers on the boulevard du General Leclerc in Clichy. At the wheel of his Peugeot 308 — or rather the one he borrowed from her mother without his permission — it was travelling at high speed. The police therefore decided to make a u-turn to follow him. A few meters away, the vehicle stops on the down-side. But went again at high speed at the approach of the car of the police officers towards the port of Gennevilliers. A little further, it diverts, through a parterre of flowers before you walk into a wall. He fled then running, always being chased by the police.

” Fortunately, neither the ridiculous nor the stupidity does kill, drowning in the other hand… “

It was at this time that this 35 year old man climbing a wall, the one a pound, and… plunged into the Seine. There, he swims, and then drift for a 1km on a branch. Before being caught on the Ile-Saint-Denis “hardened, but also smelling of alcohol and bloodshot eyes,” according to the president, by the police officers waiting with handcuffs. “Fortunately, neither the ridiculous nor the stupidity does kill, drowning in the other hand… “, blowing the president, who admits to having had ” a slight smile at the reading of the folder “.

” You are ready to jump in the Seine a, November 27 at 3: 50 am, all that to escape an identity check ? “asks the judge. “I was afraid,” replies the mother, contrite. “At 35 years of age it takes to the water because they are afraid ? “, she says. “My reaction was… “, replied the accused, bowed his head without finishing his sentence.

” And the next time, you won’t need to do anything ? The bridge of Gennevilliers ? “

During his hearing, the father of two children has told her that he was returning of an evening alcoholic with friends in a cabaret when he crossed the road police. “No one is ever forced to drive when there was no permit or that it is alcoholic, recovery the magistrate. The taxi, you don’t know ? “

But the accused is not in its infancy, with twelve convictions were recorded on his criminal record, including for refusal to obey orders or driving without a license. “You make it since the age of 14, driving without a license, taking the chair. What are you waiting for ? Kill someone ? “” I’m confused, I have evolved, I have changed my life. I need help, ” defends the accused. “And next time, you won’t need to do anything ? The bridge of Gennevilliers ? “, quips the magistrate, without letting go of the accused in the eye.

The prosecutor, who is said to be “shocked” by the story, then, has the required 15 months in prison. And the lawyer of the accused asked for mercy of the judges highlighting its ” sincere attitude “. “He was afraid to put to naught his efforts to integration “, argues the council. Before you embark on a watery metaphor. “This evening, it has plunged. And we will, if I can allow myself to continue on this semantics, he put his head completely under the water with these 15 months, ” he argues. Finally, the judges will opt for nine months.


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