Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Terrorism : two sites, two police officers, potential targets of terrorist attacks foiled – Le Figaro

VIDEO – According to information of i-Tv and BFMTV, one of the five suspects arrested last weekend in Strasbourg would have recognized that a plan to attack was in preparation. Among the places covered are the ISB, in Levallois, and the 36, quai des Orfèvres, in Paris, as well as an amusement park île-de-france.

The investigation of an attack foiled by the arrests of seven people in Strasbourg and Marseille, at the end of last week, is continuing. According to information provided by i-Télé, one of the four suspects of the locals, arrested in the night from Saturday to Sunday, has acknowledged that a project of attack was in preparation. Among the potential targets, the man quoted two seats of police services, one of which appeared already in the elements exploited by the investigators, as well as an amusement park in the paris area and places of catholic worship.

● A score of potential targets

According to BFMTV, the suspected terrorists had conducted research on a score of potential targets. In the contents of computers found, the investigators would have discovered internet searches on the website of the Directorate general of internal security (ISB), in Levallois, and the 36, quai des Orfèvres, the headquarters of the judicial police of the Prefecture of police of Paris. Always according to the chain of continuous information, instructions have been given to strengthen the security of these places. France Info also refers to the Palace of justice of Paris as a potential target. “Statements that must also be verified and which have not currently been supported by the other suspects,” at this stage, pointed to a police source close to the investigation to the AFP.

so far, investigators “have not established at this stage that there has been benchmarking and monitoring of these targets,” stressed the source. In the eyes of the investigators, the suspects “had not yet defined project and refined”.

● A letter of allegiance to the islamic State

Two of the men arrested in Strasbourg are believed to have won the Syria in 2015, passing by Cyprus, before returning to Europe. The investigations are expedited on the 14th of November when CSB has received information suggesting that it is the passage to the act is imminent. In addition to the two handguns, an automatic pistol, a submachine-gun, as well as the writings of allegiance to the islamic State have been found during the searches.

● Five people still in custody

The investigations were still ongoing Wednesday, on the computer equipment and telephone seized in the suspects arrested in Strasbourg, men aged 35 to 37 years of age, of French nationality, and unknown to the intelligence services. Their custody to the general Directorate of internal security (ISB) was continuing, as well as a fifth suspect arrested in Marseille. They might be extended up to two more times 24 hours in case of a threat of imminent bombing or for the necessities of international cooperation. The police custody of two of them was lifted on Tuesday evening. It is a Moroccan who came from Portugal, stopped in Marseille and a person who had taken her in this city.

● A dozen attacks thwarted since July

the minister of The Interior Bernard Cazeneuve spoke of on Monday a “new attack foiled”, ensuring that these arrests were “allowed to defeat a terrorist action planned for long-standing” in France, struck for nearly two years by an unprecedented wave of jihadist attacks. According to him, 17 attacks have been “foiled” since the beginning of the year, said Wednesday, Manuel Valls, a dozen since July.


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