Monday, November 28, 2016

Primary to the right : participation in The second round would be up – Franceinfo

More voters than the first round
According to figures for 67% of the offices, Mr. Solère has indicated that 1.27 million voters went to the polls against 1,138 million Sunday, an increase of 12%.

10.228 polling stations will be open until 19: 00. The first results, regularly updated, should be published from 20: 30 by the High authority in charge of ensuring proper conduct of this competition, new to the right.
A new point on the investment will be done in 17H and will confirm if the response is actually higher than in the first round, where 4.3 million people were already displaced, or if the voters have voted early to avoid the long queues observed last week.

The two rivals have voted at about the same time, around 10.30 am, mr Francois Fillon, in Paris, where he is a member of, and Alain Juppé in Bordeaux of which he is the mayor.
“I am waiting for the verdict of the voters, they are the ones that speak”, has just commented François Fillon at the exit of the polling station.
“I have defended my ideas, I have no regrets”,, said Juppé.
Obviously bitter, he returned to “the campaign of evil” that he has suffered from the extreme right on the social networks where it was renamed “Ali Juppé, the grand mufti of Bordeaux”.

With 44.1% of votes in the first round, François Fillon is the big favorite. The deputy of Paris has recorded nearly 650,000 votes more than Alain Juppé (28,6%), however given during the month winner of this competition.
Mr Fillon, 62 years old, is given largely winner with 61% of the vote, compared to 39% at his older brother, 71-year-old, according to the latest polls on Friday. It should in particular receive good reports of the votes of the electors of Mr. Sarkozy (20.7 per cent), which has
himself says that he will vote for his former Prime minister, which he did as early as 08H15 in the Sixteenth arrondissement of Paris.
After the results of the first round, where nobody had seen it coming on the score of Fillon, the caution was, however, placed on the intentions of the voters.
Some have hesitated until the last moment as Antoine, Lille, engineer, of 37 years, “because there are not many differences between the two. But I finally voted Juppé to t emper the character and societal too far to the right of Fillon”.


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