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Attacks in Paris: Salah Abdeslam always walled up in the silence in the face of the judge – The Point

Walled up in the silence: Salah Abdeslam, the only member still alive of the commandos jihadists of 13 November 2015, again declined Tuesday to respond to the questions of the anti-terrorist judge in charge of the investigation on the attacks of Paris and Saint-Denis.

The suspect-the key to these attacks, which were 130 deaths, had been extracted in the early morning from his cell at Fleury-Mérogis (south of Paris).

For the fourth time since April, it “has refused to answer the question,” the judge, a-t-on learned from justice source.

He has not sought the assistance of a lawyer, according to this source. Abdeslam, including the two lawyers had resigned in October to defend it, may choose to defend himself until his eventual trial before a criminal court where he will be required to be represented.

After four months on the run in Brussels, Abdeslam had been arrested in Belgium on 18 march. He had been transferred to France on 27 April and indicted for terrorist murders.

on The 12th of October, his lawyers, the French Frank Berton, and the Belgian Sven Mary, had announced to have renounced to defend it, having “the conviction that it would not”. According to them, the conditions of detention of their former client, placed in isolation and under video surveillance 24 hours/24, to explain his silence in the face of the judges.

Salah Abdeslam has tried in vain to suspend this device for video surveillance, unpublished in France, but the Council of State ruled in July that “the exceptional nature of the facts terrorists” for which he is being prosecuted “meant that all the precautions are taken”.

To his former lawyer, Sven Mary, it was creating a “dumb (…) but the real victims in all of this, it is the victims of the attacks in Paris, because they have a right to this truth.”

- central role in the constitution commandos -

The shadows still surround the exact role of Abdeslam on the night of the attacks.

After you have carried out the three suicide bombers at the Stade de France, he parked in the Xviii arrondissement of Paris, seems to have wandered, before it has been exfiltré by two friends came to fetch him from Belgium. He dropped an explosive belt, suggesting that it should also carry out a suicide attack while his accomplices caused death on café terraces or in the dining room of concerts at the Bataclan.

Close to the Belgian Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the coordinator alleged attacks, Abdeslam was also a logistician, November 13, renting of vehicles and safe houses in the paris region, purchasing triggers at a distance and a component of TATP, the explosive used in the belts of suicide bombers.

He finally had a “central role” in the constitution of the commandos, according to the investigators, who ferried through Europe ten jihadists from the areas of fighting in iraq-syria, for the most part suspected of being involved in the killings of the Paris and Brussels on march 22, according to a note from intelligence services in Hungarian, as revealed by the analysis center of terrorism, and elements of inquiry of the French judges.

Despite her lack of cooperation, the investigation is progressing: an organizer presumed to be, acting from the Syria of the attacks, has been identified. This is the Belgian-Moroccan Oussama Atar, 32 years old, a veteran of the jihad, left to join the group islamic State. He is suspected of having commissioned two of the attackers in Paris, and the commando spotted before they could reach France and arrested in December 2015 in Austria.

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