Sunday, November 20, 2016

Primary from the right in the Yvelines : more than 142 000 voters, Fillon in the lead – The Parisian

Cas he has done at the national level, French prime minister François Fillon arrived at the head of the votes in the Yvelines this Sunday on the occasion of the first round of the Primary of the right and centre. At midnight, the results of 235-offices, 264 were killed. The former Prime minister of Sarkozy, had a score of 48.7% of the vote ahead of Alain Juppé who rafalit 28.7% of the vote.

Maurepas, at Achères, Careers-sous-Poissy, to the Canopy, or to Villennes-sur-Seine or Fourqueux, it was voted Fillon. A result that has surprised in a department where a majority of elected representatives voted in favour of Alain Juppé, the image of the mayor (LR) of Poissy Karl Olive, of which the city voted overwhelmingly for François Fillon (40,42 %) ahead of former Prime minister Jacques Chirac (33,53 %). In his tenure on Sunday night, a few activists had gathered around the chief magistrate, in order to follow the announcement of the first estimates of direct. Thus, there was no outpouring of joy, even if Aline is “satisfied already” to see Alain Juppé qualified for the second round. “I remain optimistic, I believe in him,” she smiles.

But the smiles were mostly on the faces of the few people supporting François Fillon present in the room. “For me, this is not a surprise,” says Fabrice, which surprises me only it is the magnitude of the score, to advance. Fillon has a program built, strong, and courageous. “The same goes for Valerie, which has yet to be decided at the last moment. “I chose to vote Fillon after the announcement of the nomination of Emmanuel Macron. I think it’s going to take a vote centrist on which Alain Juppé had. “

Karl Olive, to him, was called from the beginning of the evening to be ” behind the candidate who will win next Sunday, whatever it is, to win the presidential election. “

” It was rewarding “, Jean-Frédéric Fish

For him,the marathon ended with a sprint and a very nice score in its common (11, 57%). After you have voted at the school of the centre of Rambouillet shortly after 11 o’clock, Jean-Frédéric Poisson, mp (PCD) and a candidate in the primary of the right and centre, has put an end to an eight-month campaign tour of the polling stations of the 10th district throughout the afternoon. “It begins to “pull” a little bit physically, smiled the candidate just before going to lunch as a family, we will be glad to find a rhythm a little less dense. “

Since the 30th of march, and up to this ballot deposited in the ballot box in front of a multitude of photographers and cameras, Jean-Frédéric Fish have criss-crossed the country, participating in nearly 150 meetings. “It was interesting to go to meet the French. We were lucky to be live with so much diversity, questions, concerns, it was humanly enriching. “

Far from being the favorite of the polls, the member of parliament was in any case one of many voters at Rambouillet, went up to him to shake hands and encourage it to exit the polling station. “It will be a hit here, this is his fief “, expected one resident, waiting in the long queue which extended well into the street. The last sprint is done, Jean-Frédéric Fish has crossed the finish line in the company of his team and its close to its place of countryside located in Paris (VIIe) to discover results on which he had “renounced” to do ” any kind of prospective. “

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