Tuesday, November 29, 2016

“A little bitch”, “married to a stranger” : a document that is “offensive” to employees, SNCF is worrying the unions – Franceinfo

“Rabble low ceiling”, “a little idiot”… A handwritten document unveiled Monday, November 28, Le Parisien causes a serious malaise within the SNCF. There are approximately 25 officers from the gare Saint-Lazare, in Paris, in their accolant comments “fighter” and “racist”, tells the AFP, the union SUD-Rail, Tuesday 29 November.

Discovered at the beginning of the month by an agent, this file mix remarks of a professional order (“good”, “not good”), information on trade union membership, or details relating to privacy.

The list for “officials”, responsible for giving the green light to the departure of the trains. the “in one or two, it is written : ‘just divorced’ or ‘married to a foreigner with the nationality of the lady. I do not see too what it comes to here”, tells AFP Fabio Ambrosio, a union official at SOUTHERN Rail.

“Very boring side of security”, “cafte other” are a few examples, as cited by Le Parisien, written comments by a manager.

The directorate has sent his apologies to the agents on November 15, after having been captured by the unions. the “This list (…) contains about inappropriate, unjustified”, has written to the leader of operational unit of the Saint-Lazare train station in his email, reproduced in part through everyday île-de-france.

“The list has not been the subject of any broadcasting up to this day. (…) I had no knowledge and this has nothing to do influenced the choice of managerial”, continues the officer.

A fact which doubt the responsible trade union SUD-Rail, which cites examples of more ancient such as in Cergy in 2013 or in Bordeaux there are a dozen of years. the “Without going so far as to say that this type of file is systematic, it is surely not an isolated case. It is a method of management that aims to put pressure on certain employees.”

Contacted by AFP, the directorate has stated that a “ethics investigation independent” had been launched, as a CHSCT extraordinary had taken place on 22 November and that a psychological and medical assistance was offered to affected employees. Pending the results of the investigation and the possible sanctions, the two agents supposed to be involved in this case were “remote service”.

This is not the first time a case of data collection of employees is revealed. Last April, the CGT denounced a similar practice with respect to the conductors of the RATP.

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