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Attack foiled: disbelief in Strasbourg after the arrest of a facilitator – The Point

The misunderstanding was dominant Tuesday with the parents of students of the school of strasbourg in which a facilitator was arrested during an operation that resulted, according to the minister of the Interior, to thwart a terrorist attack, two years following the dismantling of a sector-jihadist in the same neighborhood.

Tuesday morning, in front of the school of Meinau, which is installed at the junction of a neighborhood of elegant homes and buildings more popular, the interpellation of the announcer after 37 years, apparently without stories to fuel the conversation.

While on the school gates, the flyers announced soberly an information meeting at 16: 00, in the presence of deputy mayor of Strasbourg, “in response to the events of the weekend”, the parents interviewed described unanimously as a facilitator “nice” and popular with children.

“I’m surprised and I find it hard to believe. It is someone smiling, sociable, very caring with the children,” explains a mother who is attending the institution for four years. “He looked good in his sneakers. I don’t want to the school, because this is someone I would have hired myself”, she adds.

“My children knew him, they liked him. They had games with him after the canteen and it was rewarding,” adds Leila, a mother of two school children in CE1 and CM1, which states do not have “nothing said to (her) children”. “It is still fear, we don’t know what there is in the minds of the people,” sighed she.

- Teams “shaken” -

“Vacataire” for a dozen years and then decommissioned in 2014, the man arrested worked at the elementary school of the Meinau, at lunch time and in the kindergarten of the same name in the afternoon.

Two automatic pistols have been seized from him. The raids in Strasbourg have also led to the discovery of ammunition and propaganda jihadi.

“It is logical that we have teams a little shaken. There were no warning signs. Our teams are wondering if they have missed something but you said +no, you do not have anything missed+”, explains Mathieu Cahn, deputy mayor of Strasbourg, to be present at the school at the opening Tuesday morning.

The elected, described him as a facilitator “rather appreciated by the children”, “an agent noted”. “Today, we are sure that there is nothing in it that he was preparing not to the school itself”, he insists, while considering the”legitimate concern”.

the seven people arrested in the night from Saturday to Sunday during this operation of the Directorate general of internal security (ISB), four were in the capital of alsace. Three of them, including the moderator, were arrested in the district of Neuhof, a neighbor of one of the Meinau, in low-income HOUSING of five floors located in the same street.

“It’s kind people. I do not really expect. If this is true, it is really shocking,” said a resident of the district. “We grew up together,” these men are not at all in religion,” assured another woman at the daily Les Dernières Nouvelles d’alsace.

The minister of Education Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, for its part, recalled from Paris that the host “was known neither the intelligence services nor the services of justice”, highlighting that”there had been no sign of radicalisation potential”.

The southern suburbs of Strasbourg had already been to the theatre in may 2014 from the dismantling of a sector-jihadist, with the arrest of seven Alsatian who had visited Syria between December 2013 and April 2014.

These men were convicted last July in Paris, to prison terms ranging from six to nine years in prison. The most severe sentence has been pronounced against Karim Mohamed-Aggad, whose brother Foued, who was on the trip in Syria, has been identified as one of the bombers at the Bataclan.

Among the seven people arrested in the course of the weekend, “six were unknown to the intelligence services”, said on Monday the minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve, stressing that an attack is considered “long-date” had been “put in check”.

The seventh suspect, a Moroccan 26-year resident in Portugal, was monitored by the local services for the summer of 2015 and had been reported to the French authorities, according to police in portugal.

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