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“Shirt ripped off” : the three ex-employees of Air France sentenced to 3 to 4 months suspended – Obs

“Rogue”, according to the indictment, “scapegoats” for the defense : “the fifteen Air France”, on trial for their alleged involvement in the episode of the “shirt ripped off” the HR manager, received this Wednesday the verdict of the tribunal of Bobigny, france.

the Three ex-employees of Air France, activists CGT accused of assaulting two officers during a protest in October 2015, were sentenced Wednesday to prison terms of 3 to 4 months suspended prison sentence by the court of Bobigny. Two other defendants were acquitted.

Prosecuted for any damages caused on the access portal at the headquarters of the airline at charles de gaulle airport, ten other employees and ex-employees of the company received a fine of 500 euros.

at the End of September, the prosecutor of the 14th chamber of the correctional court of Bobigny, france had required two-to four-month suspended prison sentence against five employees and a fine of 1,000 euros, compared with the other ten.

The first were prosecuted for their alleged involvement in violence that had been the victims of two company officials and security guards attached to their protection, during the demonstration of October 5, 2015 before the Air France headquarters at charles de gaulle airport in Seine-Saint-Denis.

on The day of the employees of Air France have snatched the shirt from the DRH

While seven of the fifteen defendants are members of the CGT, the prosecutor had raised the hackles of the defence by accusing them to be behaved not as unionists, but as “rioters” and “thugs”. The terms already employed by Prime minister Manuel Valls in the aftermath of those incidents that had a huge impact.

“The folder is empty”

Taken part in this protest against a restructuring plan threatening thousands of jobs, Xavier Broseta, HR director of Air France at the time, and Pierre Plissonnier, the person responsible for the long-haul, had to flee to the jeers and shouts, shirtless for the first, the shirt in tatters for the second.

the images of The two frames is deemed to be particularly “humiliating” by the stakeholders, climbing a fence to escape their attackers had gone around the world and tarnished a little more the reputation of France in terms of social dialogue.

The DRH Air France back on the attack : “My shirt has remained”

at the conclusion of the hearing, some of the defendants had expressed their sense of injustice. Because, as himself had recognized the parquet floor, all the perpetrators could not be identified on the video.

“people who have ripped off the shirt are not present today”, had said Vincent Martinez, staff representative CGT at the time of the facts, the only one of the fifteen have been dismissed. Before the deliberation, it was insured with the AFP to be “serene”, to have “confidence in French justice” and was entrusted to be “in a hurry to move on to something else.”

“What we expected to see, that is if we really have an independent justice,” says his side Miguel Fortea, secretary general of the CGT Air France. According to him, “the folder is empty. If it was supported there would have been sanctions that are ‘best’.”

Lawyer of the twelve accused, Me Lilia Mhissen had, she criticized throughout the trial, “a folder sloppy”, where dominates the desire to find at any price “scapegoats”.

“Not random”

A thesis undermined by the lawyers of the civil parties, for which “offences” are “clearly attributable to the accused persons”.

The defendants “were not taken randomly”, he said to Me, Frederique Beaulieu, the council of Xavier Broseta.

During the trial, defendants and witnesses for the defence were largely revenue on the context of the violence. Indeed, the announcement of a new restructuring plan, then 10,000 posts had already been removed between 2005 and 2015, had been very poorly experienced by employees who felt that they had already made a lot of efforts.

For the first time, the unions fear layoffs to dry, in particular within the staff on the ground, of which the defendants are from.

It does : social violence can not justify the physical violence, had denounced the civil parties, unanimously lambast the process to “erect the victims into culprits.”

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