Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The ex-ambassador Boris Boillon was referred to the justice – Le Figaro

The former diplomatic adviser of Nicolas Sarkozy at the Elysée will be held in march next year for “laundering tax fraud”. He had been intercepted at Paris July 31, 2013, when he was about to board a train to Brussels with 350,000 euros in cash.

● A trial in march for “laundering tax fraud”

The diplomat and former “Sarkozy boy,” Boris Boillon, arrested in mid-2013 with 350,000 euros and 40,000 dollars in cash on him at the Gare du Nord, will be held on 23 march in front of the correctional court of Paris.

Boris Boillon will meet on the bench of the accused, of “laundering tax fraud”, “forgery and use of forgery”, “a breach of the declarative obligation of transfer of capital” and “abuse of social goods”. The parquet de Paris has decided to summon the diplomat of 46 years, at the end of its preliminary inquiry.

The law requires the reporting of any international transfer to a liquid, within the european Union, beyond 10.000 euros, according to the customs code, which provides that, in the contrary case, to a fine equal to one quarter of the amount not declared.

Boris Boillon had explained to the investigators that these monies were from her professional activities in private in Iraq, said a source close to the investigation. According to him, these services were paid for in cash because of the failings of the banking system in iraq. The investigation did not trace the origin of the species.

in Addition to the non-declaration of the amounts, the justice is suspected to have evaded tax and have produced a fake document to justify these benefits. Of amounts which are not then returned to accounting in his company.

● Soon suspended by the Quai d’orsay

The Quai d’orsay announced Tuesday the suspension next Boris Boillon because of his legal troubles. “Considering the latest developments of the legal proceedings, the ministry of foreign Affairs has decided to discontinue immediately its mission to New York and to proceed to its recall in view of a measure of suspension”.

Boris Boillon had been returned to the ministry in the summer of 2016, after four years of availability, and assigned to a mission of strengthening the united nations in New York. “During his reintegration process, the ministry of foreign Affairs had no knowledge of suites intended to give the justice at the preliminary inquiry that had been opened against it in 2013,” said the ministry.

● A mandate eventful under president Sarkozy

Boris Boillon had been appointed by the former president of the Republic ambassador of France in Iraq in July 2009. He was, in January 2011, ambassador in Tunisia, for correction, and in the midst of the arab Spring, an image calamitous to France very much linked to the ex-president Ben Ali.

But his mandate had started with a bang: he had had, shortly after his arrival, to present his apologies to the Tunisian people, after having responded to the national press in a manner deemed “aggressive”. Hundreds of people had expressed their anger with cries of “Boris get out!”.

He had left his position in August 2012, after the arrival of François Hollande at the Elysée.

Revenue at the ministry of foreign Affairs, the diplomat is currently assigned as a reinforcement in New York, at the united Nations.

● A possible participation in the financing of libya

His name is also appeared in the survey – separate – which aims to accusations and suspicions of financing of libya during the presidential campaign victory of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007. It is not challenged judicially in this folder.

An anonymous testimony, not supported at this stage, a close relative of Muammar Gaddafi, the former libyan leader was killed in October 2011, refers to it also as one of the recipients, with another close to Nicolas Sarkozy, Claude Guéant, a payment of 20 million euros in liquid, intended for the financing of the campaign. An amount returned by private plane, according to a witness.

Contacted by AFP, the lawyer of Boris Boillon, Jean-Marc Fedida, was not available.


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