Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Paris : pedestrianization of the road on the banks, the controversy in 3 acts – Obs

This little ribbon of tar that continues to make him talk. Three kilometres from the entrance of the tunnel des Tuileries to the exit of the tunnel Henri-IV. Piétonisés since last July, they exacerbate the passions. On Wednesday, 168 mayors of Ile-de-France, right and centre, have written to the mayor PS of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, for this project “should be re-examined in the consultation, transparency and with the aim of territorial cohesion”. Return in three acts on the twists and turns of this saga off.

1The Council of Paris gave the green light

This will be a year on December 15. At the end of the year 2015, the Council of Paris has approved in session one of the flagship projects of the mayor of Paris, elected in the spring of 2014. Presented for months by Anne Hidalgo as the future space for “breathing, walking and relaxation” in the capital, this berge declared a Unesco world heritage site is about specifically (and legally) become a pedestrian. The assistant to the Transport Christophe Najdovski (EELV) was so enthusiastic :

“We are done with this urban motorway which disfigures the most beautiful city in the world.”

Argument # 1 advanced by the city council : the fight against air pollution. But l‘right-wing opposition protests, strongly criticises the project and calls the “not serious”. For six months, the elected representatives of the right are struggling, filing for a moratorium, and then to appeal to the Prefecture, in particular, in the hope to overturn this decision. But to no avail. All have been unsuccessful until now.

The way to officially become pedestrian after the closing of Paris-Plages in September 2016. On September 26, a new vote of the Council of Paris confirms the pedestrianization. Anne Hidalgo welcomed a “landmark decision, and the reconquest of the river Seine”.

2Pécresse get involved

On November 24, the Region, presided over by Valérie Pécresse (The Republicans), and five departments in the île de france (Hauts-de-Seine, Yvelines, Val d’oise, Essonne and Seine-et-Marne) to file an appeal before the Paris administrative court to challenge the pedestrianization of the road on the banks right bank.

They are based on a progress report, which was commissioned by Valérie Pécresse, and published in “Le Figaro”. “In a year, says the report, the journey times of motorists on the docks high right bank increased by +135%,” with nine more minutes”.

road on the banks : controversy in view of the numbers of traffic jams

Their findings : 43,000 vehicles were routed usually by this way swell the traffic jams… In short, it is the “thrombosis”, with collateral effect on the pollution of the air. In fact, the official figures of the pollution will be available in march 2017. Two campaigns are planned by AirParif, in the fall of 2016 and spring 2017, with 80 points of measures in Paris and suburbs.

3 the ire of the right francilienne

The bickering between the City and the elected neighbours is flourishing this Wednesday. De Balkany to Copé, via Dati, Goasguen, Larcher or Santini, 168 elected officials, including all the heavyweights of the right francilienne addressed to Anne Hidalgo an open letter published by”le Figaro”.

Accusing Anne Hidalgo “indifference with regard to them”, they accuse :

“The people of our towns that do not have the ability to move in public transport insufficient, or already saturated, tired and angry.”

The pedestrianization of the voie Georges-Pompidou congested, according to them, the neighboring streets, “worsening congestion” and “leads to the deterioration of the daily lives of tens of thousands of ile-de-france”.

“This is why we decided to file the action for annulment of that decision, or that we join in the appeal filed by the Region and the departments of Ile-de-France.”

“We dispute entirely the contents of this mail” said the first deputy of Paris Bruno Julliard with “20 minutes”. The elect sees in this manoeuvre “instrumentalisation politician of the right of paris and Ile-de-France”.

on November 15, The administrative court has denied the request to shutdown the project by local residents and associations. But in recent months, pas less than four committees and other observatories have placed the measure under high surveillance, the City, the police Prefecture, the Region and the Metropolis of Grand Paris, which bodes (still) a long battle of the numbers…


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