French prime minister François Fillon to Chassieu (Rhône), 22 November 2016. – JEAN-PHILIPPE KSIAZEK / AFP

A call to the centre, three days before the second round of the primary of the right. François Fillon says that” there will be a margin of negotiations ” for the nominations to the legislative with the centrists, who adhere to her project, in an interview with the Figaro dated Thursday.

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” There has never been any question of excluding the centrists of the majority. They have their place, but this discussion will be conducted after the primary. There will be a margin of negotiation in the light of their commitment to my project. It is the union around the project that is the strong alliances, ” says François Fillon.

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” The division would be fatal for all of us and for France, “

Could he amend his project to convince the centrist François Bayrou not to run again in 2017 ? “Certainly not ! “responds the ex-Prime minister. “I am a candidate to help the country recover. For this, we need a powerful program. I know François Bayrou, with which I have relations, old, thoughtful and courteous, and I am confident. It can be agreed that the division would be fatal for all of us and for France “, he adds.

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French prime minister François Fillon, who arrived well ahead (over 44 %) in the first round of the primary, estimated that” a strong dynamic is set in motion, ” in his favour, before the second round, the 27th of November. According to him, “10.000″ people are expected Friday at the Porte de Versailles, where it will hold its last meeting of the season.

about the attacks launched against him by supporters of his rival, Alain Juppé, the candidate considers that ” only a small number of people rocking in attacks mediocre. This does not impress me. The vast majority of elected officials who supports Alain Juppe will gather the day after the primary because she has the sense of the general interest “, he says.

He claimed to have ” never put in question the right to abortion “

” I do not see the left-wing activists mobilize in mass against my candidacy “, he says also, though, according to Harris interactive, 14 % of voters in the first round, which mostly have voted for Juppé to eliminate Nicolas Sarkozy, were left.

Accused by juppéistes want to restrict ABORTION if he was elected, in 2017, François Fillon reiterated that he ” never even put in question the right to abortion.” “I’ll never do it “, he insists. “These are my opponents that have triggered this controversy, which is a campaign deceptive, which is not worthy of this primary “.

” I want to change the rules of filiation, but to all the world. I don’t want to undermine marriage for all and adoption for homosexual couples, I just want you to type in the act that a child is always the fruit of a man and a woman and that this relationship can not be erased “, he says.

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