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A policeman killed by a motorist during a call –

the security forces cordoned off the scene of the incident. A helicopter has flown over to take photos of the places./Photo DDM, Florent, Raoul.

the security forces have cordoned off the scene of the incident. A helicopter has flown over to take photos of the places./Photo DDM, Florent Raoul.


A major of the gendarmerie of the departments of Ariège was killed during the arrest of a motorist, between Tarascon-sur-Ariège and Ussat, which took place yesterday evening, around 23: 15.

The constables were responding to the rond-point de Sabart to secure the scene of a fire car.

It was then that a vehicle did a u-turn in the light. It has embarked on a path that runs along the railroad tracks and a power plant, and that leads several hundred metres away in the town of Ussat.

The two constables took the vehicle to hunt. The alert is given, another patrol police has been dispatched to try to reach the vehicle.

It is at the level of the power plant the fugitive would have made a half-turn.

The first patrol has positioned his vehicle across the path to stop the car on the run. It is then that the motorist has restarted and dark on the major Christian Rusig.

His team-mate, full of cold blood, has proceeded to the arrest of the driver and the passenger, his companion.

Very badly wounded, major Rusig was evacuated to the hospital in toulouse’s Purpan on-board the helicopter of the gendarmerie. It is, unfortunately, died from his injuries about 5 o’clock this morning.

Towards a qualification of intentional homicide

The driver arrested, 31-years-old and who would not have the driving licence, is known to the justice system for various crimes.

He was placed in police custody at the brigade of research of Pamiers, as well as his companion. “This is the beginning of the investigation. We investigate all the possibilities. But the main hypothesis is not that of the accident,” admitted Mrs. Bergereau, substitute of the prosecutor of Foix, stating that, in the morning, “the reasons for his actions remain unknown”. The investigation was entrusted to the research section of the gendarmerie, Toulouse, france. The motorist could be prosecuted for voluntary manslaughter.

In a press release, Bernard Cazeneuve, minister of the Interior, is coming to speak this Sunday morning, “his most sincere condolences, its sympathy and its full support in these circumstances if painful” at all to the entourage of the major Rusig.

“the driver of The vehicle was immediately arrested and will have to answer for his acts before the Justice, who shall pass with the necessary firmness.
This heinous act reminds us that each day, the gendarmes, as the police, expose their life to protect others. They deserve, in this respect, of the respect and gratitude of all our countrymen,” continued the minister.

The public prosecutor is organizing a press conference on Sunday at 14: 30, at the palais de justice Foix.

The director general of the national gendarmerie, general Richard Lizurey was supposed to go to Toulouse and Tarascon-sur-Ariège in the afternoon. He had to gather in front of the remains of the deceased and then go out to meet his comrades and his family in Tarascon-sur-Ariège, where a cell psychological has been put in place. The major Christian Rusig, 55 years of age, commanded the brigade of gendarmerie of Tarascon since 2011. He was married and the father of two children 23 and 25 years old.

To 15h30 on Sunday, the president of the Republic, François Hollande, condemned by way of a press release as “an act of disgraceful”.

“the driver of The vehicle will have to answer before the justice of this act of unspeakable. This tragedy confirms the risks you take each day, the gendarmes and the police to protect the French,” says the president.

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