Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Compiègne: the mayor request the removal of posters-prevention of HIV – The Parisian

Le mayor LR of Compiègne, Philippe Marini, has requested the removal in the city of his posters of a prevention campaign against the aids showing same-sex couples, reported Wednesday the Courier Picard.
“All the posters have been withdrawn by the company (JC Decaux, editor’s note) at the request of the city,” said Mr. Marini, in a regional daily newspaper.
According to him, people have denounced “a campaign challenging, which denies the image and the reality of the family to which they are attached, just like me”. “It is not necessary to offend deliberately to prevent”, he added.
The campaign, launched by the ministry of social Affairs and Health, shows couples of men with messages such as “Love, have fun, forget. The situations vary. The modes of protection, too.”
A dozen of cities on the 130 when the campaign is live have requested the withdrawal of the posters. In response, the minister of Health, Marisol Touraine, has announced to enter the administrative justice, “after the censure by some of the mayors campaign on HIV prevention”.
“I want to tell you my outrage, my anger in the face of the reactions of some elected officials on the campaign of prevention of aids, as if public health were to become a prisoner, a hostage, an order, a reactionary of another age and another time,” said Ms. Touraine in the national Assembly on Wednesday.



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