Thursday, November 24, 2016

Shots of flash-ball : suspended prison sentence required against three police officers – The Figaro

Tried to Bobigny before the tribunal correctionnel, they had wounded six demonstrators in 2009. One of them had lost an eye. Ten months to three years in prison with suspended sentence were required against them.

If the court confirms the verdict, the debate on the flash-ball is sure to be revived. Of ten months to three years suspended sentence were required against three police officers, tried before the correctional court of Bobigny to have injured six protesters, in Montreuil.

The facts for which the defendants were found date back to 2009. July 8 to 22 hours, after a “meal of support” to the squatters evicted on the morning of a clinic is closed down, several people headed towards the building evacuated. The security forces intervene to push them back. Three police officers shoot each one twice with their flash-ball. One of the protesters is éborgné.

Three years have been required against the main defendant, the author of the shot that caused this serious injury. Three year ban on professional and five-year ban on carrying weapons have also been required against him. The prosecutor has also requested ten months against the other two officials, prosecuted for “voluntary violence”, and 18 month ban and professional five-year ban on carrying weapons.

during the hearing, the police expressed their regrets: “there has not been a day in seven years without that I do think of him”, was able to confide the main accused, referring to his victim. “I am deeply sorry for what has happened, I have no words, it is horrible that a weapon did this,” said a second policeman.

in order To justify their firing, police allege self-defense, saying he suffered a “rain of projectiles”. An updated version will be wrong by the testimony of local residents who spoke to a gathering of “the pacific”. In its indictment, the public prosecutor argued that no damage had been observed on site, nor any injury in the police.

Heard on Wednesday, two experts in ballistics have repeated their difficulty to decide on the origin of the injuries reported by protesters. They have, however, pointed to the “vagueness” of this weapon to be controversial, and introduced among the forces of law and order there are more than ten years.

“I ask you to condemn police officers who have made use of their weapons, out of any situation of necessity or self-defence [...] The company is in need of a policy that ensures safety, but also the fundamental freedom of all citizens”, concluded the prosecutor. The trial is scheduled to end Friday.


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