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Road on the banks : Valérie Pécresse counter-attack – Europe1

the pedestrianization of The road on the banks of the right bank, in Paris, continues to be debated. On Wednesday, Le Figaro has published an open letter, signed by 168 mayors of Île-de-France, in which the aediles call Anne Hidalgo, maire socialiste de Paris, to demand the reopening of the docks are now closed to traffic.

Region to the maneuver. All the signatories would, in effect, “join the appeal filed by the Region” and five departments in the île de france, before the administrative court, last Thursday. The origin of this appeal, the president of the Île-de-France, Valérie Pécresse, has found there support weight. The idea of the open letter comes from “a little bit of all of the world, but also” of the former minister of higher Education and Research, ” says Ludovic Toro, mayor IDU de Coubron, Seine-Saint-Denis. Georges Tron (LR), at the head of the town hall of Draveil, Essonne, france) shows him to have “received a call from the Region,” to ask him to participate in this initiative.

A “unilateral decision of Paris”. In this missive, the fathers denounce first of all a “unilateral decision of the city council of Paris and the prefect of police to close the road on the banks. “Why don’t you have engaged in prior consultation with all the elected officials involved ? Why not have engaged in discussions to determine with the communities île-de-france interested the necessary compensatory measures ?”, if they ponder. “The mayors are outraged to see Paris take decisions, alone in his corner,” confirms Frédéric Valletoux, mayor LR, Fontainebleau, Seine-et-Marne. “It is a matter that needs to be discussed at the regional level.”

A “domino effect” that penalizes even the (distant) suburb. In fact, for the signatories, change of traffic rules, does not generate only a “general block traffic” in the capital. “A real domino effect, the closure of banks has effects far beyond the territory of the City,” they write. “We denounce this indifference to the inhabitants of the small and the great crown.” While his city of Draveil is about thirty kilometers from Paris, Georges Tron said a whirlwind, the last two months, “the testimonies of people who tell us that the journey is made almost impossible the way to Paris”, the fact of the circulation as saturated. “This measure affects up to 40 kilometers around”, he says.

This measure impacts up to 40 km around Paris.

Up to Meaux and Melun. Ludovic Toro, of which the commune is 30 kilometers from Paris, do not say anything else. “Half of the activity of the small craftsmen of the department is done in Paris, not in the region of Île-de-France. They obviously can’t take public transportation, use of car is essential.” Even Jean-François Copé, mayor LR of Meaux, and Louis Vogel, conceiving LR, Melun, two cities located more than 60 kilometres from the capital, are part of the signatories. Christophe Najdovski, deputy EELV in charge of transport in the city hall of Paris, to imply that the pedestrianization of 3.3 kilometres of quays in the centre of Paris has consequences on the course of ile-de-france who are also living far away are, however, of the misinformation. “This insinuation is false and without foundation”, he had already said two weeks ago about this.

“All the councillors on the left are of our opinion”. If all of the mayors in anger or almost are affiliated in LR or IDU, all defend themselves and to engage in a tug of war policy. “When it comes to the practical life, we should overcome the divisions”, ton Georges Tron, who regrets that his counterparts on the left do not have attached their signature. “All the councilors of the left are also of [our] opinion”, continues Ludovic Toro. “It does not say not to oppose the mayor.”

Request for consultation. Now, they are calling for a genuine consultation and the taking into account by Anne Hidalgo, the report unveiled by the region on the 17th of November last on the subject. This document pointed to the increase of traffic since the pedestrianization of the road on the banks, and the mayors are hoping that he will come to put an end to what is supposed to remain an experiment. “We expect that this experimental nature to be recognised”, stated Frédéric Valletoux. No question, therefore, to perpetuate without warning. “The dialogue has not been undertaken before, it is not necessary that it be avoided after.” For its part, the mayor of Paris had already reacted at the time of the publication of this report, blaming a methodology questionable, with the use of “the origin of which is not specified and the veracity of which is not proven”. Bruno Julliard, first deputy Anne Hidalgo, has repeated on Twitter on Wednesda y that the priority of the City was, above all, to cope with air pollution which claims thousands of victims every year.


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