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The resumption in hand of the party, nominations, campaign team : the challenges of François Fillon – The World

The new strong man of the right will have to deal with Republicans noyautés by the sarkozystes and negotiate with the centrists for the legislation.

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  • Put the party in working order and “settle” the case Wauquiez

This is one of the issues to be decided by François Fillon : who will lead the party during his campaign for the presidential election ? The articles of association of LR provide that the winner of the primary will have all the flexibility to install the direction of his choice. In other words, François Fillon, will appoint who he wants to be the head of the device.

Principal at risk : Laurent Wauquiez, president of the region Auvergne, Rhône-Alpes and current interim president of LR. This ambitious, who had backed Mr Fillon in his duel fratricide in the face of Jean-François Copé at the end of 2012, before the release to support Mr. Sarkozy, to the primary, seems to be on the hot seat. If her fate had not been determined Sunday evening, the first echoes from the bodyguards of Mr. Fillon, suggests that the young wolf, considered unreliable, is on the way out.

” The presidency of the party must embody the gathering “, points out a filloniste. the ” There must be a trust relationship between the candidate and the party “, ” insists another, while a third holds criticize Mr. Wauquiez, saying : ” The imperative of the gathering, is sometimes required to shift to some statements… “

Only one certainty : the mayor of le Puy-en-Velay, which embodies the line’s right-handed in RL, wants to remain head of the party. He repeats ” to not want government job “ in 2017 because his strategy is clear : to take advantage of his position as party leader to run for the Elysée palace in… 2022. ” as the president of the party, I have the obsession of the day after that. The goal, it is the construction of the alternating “, he told the Sunday Newspaper, by positioning itself as a one who dream to recover the ideological legacy of Nicolas Sarkozy. And above all, his constituents.

All day Monday, Mr Fillon will hold discussions with his bodyguards and the main leaders of the party, to determine whether it maintains or not the current direction is dominated by the sarkozystes, such as the director-general, Frédéric Péchenard. The composition of the national commission of investiture (CNI), chaired until then by the sarkozyste Christian Estrosi, could also be modified. The decision should come Tuesday afternoon, during a meeting of the political bureau of LR. Before, the candidate will attend meetings of the groups RL to the Assembly and the Senate, Tuesday morning, to discuss with the members of his camp.

  • Constitute his campaign team

Another sensitive topic to adjust quickly enough to Mr Fillon : the constitution of his campaign team. The challenge will be to integrate the members of his bodyguard with new recruits from the stables to competing. The faithful of his campaign for the primary is expected to play a decisive role in the 2017. Among them are his campaign manager, Patrick Stefanini, who should stay ; the spokesman, Jerome Chartier and Valérie Boyer ; the elect of weight as the president of the Senate Gérard Larcher, the boss of the LR group in the Senate, Bruno Retailleau and the ex-president of the Assembly, Bernard Accoyer ; as well as members Serge Grouard, Isabelle Le Callennec, or Thierry Mariani.

” open “ should go up to sarkozystes, as Eric Ciotti, Eric Woerth or Luc Chatel, who have supported Mr Fillon in the aftermath of the first round. Bruno Le Maire, who has joined very quickly the winner, is also expected to be paid back, as well as the thirty parliamentarians close to him. But what about the juppéistes ?

  • Close the nominations to the legislative

This is another hot topic. At the end of June, the CNI, led by Mr Estrosi, had made its trade-offs concerning the nominations for the legislative elections. At the time, Alain Juppé had pestered against the little places left to her troops, as well as the centrists. The party had then decided to ‘freeze’ the constituencies where a compromise was not found, assuming they would be considered again by the winner of the primary in the end of the year.

in fact, on the 577 existing constituencies, there remains the 79 electoral districts to assign as 473 have been reserved for applicants who LR and 25 constituencies to the mps UDI outgoing. That will do, Mr Fillon ? Will he assign the entirety of the 79 electoral districts available to the centrists ? And what centrist ? For the moment, the entourage of the candidate swears not to have ” still ruling ” about it, that ” will depend on the progress of the discussions “ with the leaders of the center.

The president of the UDI Jean-Christophe Lagarde, who has supported Alain Juppé congratulated, Sunday evening, Mr. Fillon and will propose Tuesday to his troops to engage him ” a discussion to develop a legislative project in common “. For his part, Hervé Morin, the president of the New Centre, which had supported Bruno Le Maire, and opted with his party this week for the deputy of Paris, called the construction of a pillar centrist reliable, robust, and loyal to the building of the presidential majority of tomorrow “.

The discussions are expected to be more complicated with the president of MoDem, François Bayrou, issued Sunday evening, doubts about the project of Mr. Fillon, while leaving in plain the opportunity to be present in 2017. This has left the door open for centrists, by announcing on 23 November that there would be ” a margin of negotiation “ for the nominations to the legislative with those who adhere to his project. Remains to know which ones.


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