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Presidential: discord Hollande-Valls at its peak – The Point

In the aftermath of the landslide victory of François Fillon to the primary from the right, to the left the tension is at its height between François Hollande and Manuel Valls, which does not exclude more now to make against the head of State.

After a weekend of offensive of Manuel Valls, and before their head-to-head weekly at 13.00 the lunch, the head of the State has intensified the tussle between the Prime minister, reaffirming, by the voice of his supporters, that he kept in the hand to decide if it is launched in the competition.

“there will be no primary between the president of the Republic and the Prime minister”, has said on Europe 1 the government spokesman Stéphane Le Foll, the unwavering support of François Hollande.

“It does not exist, it cannot be imagined except in minds which have little tendency to confuse their personal resentment with the general interest”, has also said Mr Le Foll, in response to the hypothesis launched Saturday morning by the president (PS) of the national Assembly Claude Bartolone.

This last, conquered in the book of confidences “A president should not say that…”, has launched a keypad in the mare by evoking a duel to the executive, on the sidelines of a meeting of the left supposed to work at the gathering.

“See the fourth character of the State propose a constitutional crisis, but where are you going”, and moved on Monday morning the mp Olivier Faure, spokesman for the PS.

Less virulent, but equally clear, the first secretary of the PS Jean-Christophe Cambadélis has made the same observation on France 2 by saying “for the primary of the left, not necessarily with the totality of the executive”.

“It is not abnormal for the socialists, and the president of the Republic as the Prime minister, have questions about the best equation to be able to win the presidential election,” said Mr Cambadélis. “But it cannot be at the cost of a crisis in the executive. Discussion yes, crisis no,” he added.

- “Nothing irreparable” -

The first secretary positive: “nothing irreparable has been said” between the two heads of the executive and once that François Hollande has made the decision, or not, to run in the primary, there will be only”one candidate of the majority of the socialist party”.

And Stéphane Le Foll to remember him as the precedence: Manuel Valls was “quite an opportunity” to be a candidate, “but at this moment, he is no longer Prime minister”, has dryly pointed out that the minister of Agriculture… to the address of his superior.

Close to Manuel Valls, the secretary of State for Relations with Parliament Jean-Marie Le Guen has tried to defuse an explosive situation by holding on LCI that “there is no crisis” within the executive, but a “debate”. “The Prime minister governs under the authority of the president of the Republic,” he also reiterated.

In this poisonous climate, François Hollande or Manuel Valls does not take of all ways each that 9% of voting intentions in the first round of the presidential election according to a poll by Harris Interactive published on Sunday evening. Something to feed the anxiety within the PS, to five months of maturity, and even beyond.

“maybe there was-t-he impulse of suicide sometimes for some of our leaders”, thus lamented Olivier Faure on LCP.

“What is happening at this time in the executive, it is not good for anyone”, for its part, estimated on RTL Laurent Wauquiez, acting president of the Republicans. “It leads to an image of subsidence surreal (…) I say: brace yourself! It remains five months, it may not go until the end.”

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