Monday, November 21, 2016

Counter-terrorism operation : 4 guards with a view to Strasbourg, a man arrested in Marseille – Le Parisien

Ils were arrested in the night from Saturday to Sunday in Strasbourg (Alsace) in the framework of a counter-terrorism operation. The guards of 4 men have been extended on Sunday evening, informs France Bleu Alsace. Moreover, in this same case, a man was arrested in Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône).

according to the information of the “Parisian-today in France”, all five knew each other and were returning from Syria. In the course of this return journey to France, these men were linked to the killers at the Bataclan, but it is not yet known precisely what kind of relationship they had.

Bernard Cazeneuve, minister of the Interior, is expected to speak on Monday, at 11 o’clock.

according to the information of the “Parisien/today in France”, these men were monitored for several weeks. The “nervousness” of the suspects led to their arrests Friday while they were waiting for a delivery of weapons. “Elements seriously made necessary these arrests,” said a source close to the investigation. For the moment, only two handguns have been recovered by investigators.

The Christmas market of Strasbourg in the line of fire

The four suspects who may have wanted to conduct operations against the commissioner of Strasbourg or the traditional Christmas market, which is expected to be inaugurated on Friday 25 November. The prefect of the Lower Rhine, Stéphane Fratacci, was explained at the beginning of the month, in the case of “information that is precise and detailed, the Christmas market may be suspended or cancelled,” recalls France Blue. The event can accommodate each year, up to 2 million visitors. Marseille could also have been referred to.

These arrests were conducted at 3 o’clock Sunday morning in the district of the Meinau and Neuhof in the south of Strasbourg by police officers of the ISB and the RAID. They have been carried out in the framework of a preliminary investigation opened by the anti-terrorist prosecutor, said the same source.

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