Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Attack foiled: prolonged detention for the seven men arrested in Strasbourg and Marseille – Paris

Les police custody of seven men arrested this weekend in Strasbourg and Marseille, suspected of having wanted to commit an attack in France, have been extended on Tuesday, a-t-on learned from justice source.
nationality French, moroccan and afghan, they had been arrested in the night from Saturday to Sunday, which allowed, according to the minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve, to defeat “a terrorist action planned for a long time on our soil”.
The police custody in terrorism cases can last up to 96 hours, or even 144 in the case of a threat of imminent bombing or for the necessities of international cooperation.
This network is suspected to have been remote-controlled from Syria and to have wanted to commit one or several coordinated attacks in France. “The operations are still ongoing to try to determine the location or locations targeted,” said a source close to the investigation.
Four French, unknown to the intelligence services and arrested at Strasbourg, are currently heard in the premises of the general Directorate of internal security (ISB), near Paris.
Yassine B., 37 years old, a civil servant in a primary school in the district of la Meinau (Strasbourg), is believed to have earned Syria to Cyprus in 2015. Two handguns and propaganda jihadist, was seized at his home, according to the source close to the investigation.
Hicham M., 37 years old, who had won Cyprus in 2015 with Yassine B., Sami B., 36 years old, and Zakaria M., 35 years old, are also in police custody.
The investigators found at the home of the latter an automatic pistol and a submachine gun, according to this source. < br/>Marseille, three people were arrested at the same time: Hicham E., a Moroccan, 46 years old, living in Portugal, overseen by the local service after many trips suspects in Europe and reported to the French authorities as a radicalized. “The money was seized during his arrest, and investigators suspect he had a role as a fund raiser for the network,” says the same source.
An Afghan who was supposed to host Hicham E., and a third man “in connection with the problem of the accommodation” of Morocco are also in police custody.
Two other men, Nasser B., 38 years old, and Lamary N., 40 years old, related to this network, had been arrested on 14 June, in the Euro football, indicted and imprisoned.


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