Friday, November 25, 2016

The british photographer David Hamilton is found dead – The World

The man of 83 years had been recently been accused of rape several decades ago.

David Hamilton, march 15, 2007.

photos of young teens naked, raised the controversy : the british photographer David Hamilton, recently accused of rape or sexual assault by several women, was found dead Friday night at his paris home.

firefighters were called shortly after 20: 30 for an intervention at his home in the south of Paris and have found ” a person in cardio-respiratory arrest “, said a source of the emergency services. His death was recorded at 21: 30 and drugs have been discovered close to the body, has specified a source close to the folder.

Shortly after 23: 15, a security perimeter was put in place by the police near his home in the boulevard Montparnasse (Sixth arrondissement).

the Age of 83 years, living in Paris for 20 years, drawing inspiration from the impressionist painting, David Hamilton became famous in the 1970s for its blurry pictures which have attracted the admiration -and some are even creating the expression ” blur hamiltonian “- but also young girls bare, sources of controversy.

” The feminists I have always been left alone. And my work has nothing to do with the vulgarity of our current era “, he had answered his critics in an interview with Gala in may 2015. His photographic albums have sold nearly two million copies.

The name of David Hamilton has resurfaced in recent weeks after several updates in case of several women, including the moderator of radio and tv Flavie Flament, for rape in their youth, including after photo sessions.

Flavie Flament ” devastated “

Flavie Flament, photographed on a beach of Cap d’agde in 1987 when she was 13 years old, ” is devastated, “, said Karina Hocine, editor of the book of the facilitator in Lattès : ” we Were told that it was a suicide. We are divided between the horror of the situation as a human and at the same time, there is a feeling of immense revolt because it has not left the time to the justice to do its work “.

” The horror of this ad does will ever erase that from our white nights “, for its part, has reacted Flavie Flament, reiterating his charges.

David Hamilton had denied these accusations and stated its intention to lodge a complaint for defamation. the ” today, I am not the subject of any prosecution. We are beyond my presumption of innocence. I am innocent and should be treated as such “, he said Tuesday in a statement.

In his book ” comfort “, Flavie Flament revealed to have been raped nearly 30 years ago by a known photographer, which it unveiled not the name. After the publication of his book, other women had testified in the press, under a pseudonym, claiming to have suffered the same fate during their teenage years.

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The facilitator had come to reveal the name of his alleged abuser in the last week. the ” The man who raped me when I was 13 years old is David Hamilton “, she said in an interview filmed at The Obs.

” I didn’t have the right to quote the name of David Hamilton in my book because (…) the prescription today condemned a double rape victims “, ” explained the presenter 42-year-old, referring to the risk of being sued for defamation.

The prescription for rape is 20 years after the majority of the victim, 10 years for sexual assault. The secretary of State in charge of Assistance to victims Juliette Méadel had indicated last month that it had ” reflect “ to a lengthening of the duration of the limitation period for minors.


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