Sunday, November 20, 2016

The three million voters will be overwhelmed, according to Thierry Solère – Release

Neuilly : “in your opinion, it’s a vote that a autoentrepreneur disappointed ?”


our special correspondent in Neuilly, Frédérique Roussel.

Place Parmentier, Neuilly-sur-Seine. In the queue, there are seniors, such as couples with children, and joggers Sunday. Thierry, 62 years old, watched two debates of the primary. the “It is played between Juppé and Fillon, he said quietly. the And I selected Fillon because it has a more nuanced, and that I should be on the economy and security.” If he or she voted for Sarkozy in the last presidential election, he finds that it is really excessive. Long hair, quiet, Marie took her turn in the queue, the electoral map in your opinion, it’s a vote that a autoentrepreneur disappointed ?”, loose-t-it. This young woman of 35, he grew up in Neuilly, and speaks of Sarkozy as the mayor spoke to the young people there are a couple of years. She has the impression today that everything would be better than him. Mary’s breath finally his choice : “Nathalie…” under No illusions about the outcome of the election. Right, it will go to vote in the primary on the left, “try to weigh”, even if it is not yet known in favour of that.

The bulletin of Augustine, 23 years old, will go to Juppé. the “It was a speech more soothing, less cleaving, and he can gather, more than any other.” His friends of the left have said that they would not go to the primary on the right. “Frankly, I don’t see the point. It is pure calculation. And me, I vote with the heart.” A lady of 86 years double soft on the right side of the tail. She says that she has bought the book of Fillon at the bookstore avenue of the Rolls the other day and it made him autograph. the “It tells the story of how he is going to oppose the islamist trend,” she says. the And then it is someone like us.” For the most part, Sarkozy, their last vote for the presidential election, is part of the past. On the table of the assessors in the office of the vote, are the batteries Fillon and Juppé who are racing.

(Photo: Martin Colombet. HansLucas for Liberation)


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