Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Macron is defending of any treason : “it is in my country only that is my allegiance” – Europe1

The ex-minister Emmanuel Macron, presidential candidate, defends himself in a book to be published on Thursday of any “treason” vis-à-vis Francois Hollande, saying only have “allegiance” as his “single country”.

“The public must be erased in front of the service rendered”. “It is in my country only that is going to my allegiance, not to a party, a function, or to a man”, said Emmanuel Macron in this work, entitled Revolution (éditions XO), where he presents his “vision” for 2017, preceded by biographical elements. For the former minister, the trial of “treason” which is “indicative of the moral crisis of contemporary politics”, where “the idea of the public good must be erased in front of the service rendered”. Those who attacked him “and confessed that, for them, the policy was conformed basically to the rule of the community : the submission, in the hope of a personal reward”, he laments.

It has nothing to François Hollande. And Emmanuel Macron to be ironical with the intention of François Hollande, who made him assistant secretary general of the Élysée palace in 2012, then minister of the Economy : “I put on the account of the distraction the remarks made by the president of the Republic on the debt that I would have had to respect. I know this is too attached to the dignity of public office and values of the founders of the political life in the republic to have joined, even if only for a moment, this design can be deleterious to small arrangements between obliged”.

The attacks as a breaking point. Emmanuel Macron is also the reasons that led him to quit the government in August last. “After the terrorist attacks in the fall of 2015, the waiver of any strategy essential to seize the new economic opportunities in our country, the lack of genuine willingness to reform and greater european ambition, and the choice of a sterile debate around the forfeiture of nationality (…) appeared before me as mistakes, or even sometimes real mistakes policy”.

Macron assumes as a liberal. He strives to explain his “desire to overcome the opposition between the left and the right” that one “desired caricature”. “If by liberalism, we mean to trust in man, I consent to be called liberal. What I am defending, in turn, should enable each of us to find in his country a life in conformity with his deepest hopes. But if, on the other hand, it is to be left to think that money does not give all the rights that the accumulation of capital is not the horizon indépassable of the personal life, that the liberties of the citizen must not be sacrificed to the imperative of absolute safety and unattainable, that the poorest and the weakest must be protected, without being discriminated, then I also consent to be pleased to be described as a man of the left”, develops there.

A book to give his vision of France. If the book is not intended to in any way a “program” or a catalogue of proposals, it allows to Emmanuel Macron to pursue her vision on a dozen topics, some already well marked – Europe, the institutional reforms, the right to work – and others on which the former minister was not given the opportunity to express themselves : police, penal reform, ecology, education…

Taunts on the side of the supporters of Holland. “If one wants to make the revolution – there has been a very important in France – it didn’t work out like that, it is not decided by only one. It is necessary to of the great states-general, it is a long process of the revolution,” said Stéphane Le Foll asked about the book during the report of the council of ministers.”This is all done to grab the attention. After, of revolution I’m sure in this book, we will be far away : the digital revolution, democratic revolution, revolution, territorial… this is the revolution everywhere, very well. After that, I would like to know exactly what it is”, he ironisé, to the effect that he had not yet read the book.


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