Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Foll advocated the de-escalation of the tension between Valls and Hollande, Le Figaro

For the spokesperson of the government, the outcome of French prime minister François Fillon bodes well for François Hollande.

Everyone sees noon at his door. We talked about it Monday, the victory already almost acquired of François Fillon to the primary of the right stimulus to the ambitions of Valls for the presidency. The fact that a prime minister bat the president who appointed whets the appetites vallsistes and revives the competition between the two heads of the executive. Next to Hollande, Stéphane Le Foll also sees in this result a surprise good news for his favorite, which is struggling to take off 10% of voting intentions in the polls before any default of communication according to him. And not just because the likely candidate of the right marks “the return of the cleavage left-right”. “The lesson of Fillon, it is that the bottom ended up winning on the form. And the best time!”, exclaims the former campaign manager of the president of the Republic on Tuesday in an interview given to Liberation.

according To Stéphane Le Foll, the likely victory of François Fillon sends a strong message to Manuel Valls. “What that showed Fillon, is that the coherence and loyalty, it ends up paying,” he said to calm the ardor vallsistes. The spokesman of the government had been fuelling tensions between the two figures of the executive, in an interview to Jeune Afrique on November 14. It rabrouait two hollandistes historical government, Michel Sapin and Jean-Yves Le Drian, accused of turning man to have felt that Valls would be the best position for 2017 in the case of defection of the president of the Republic. This time, the minister of Agriculture is playing the card of appeasement. “It’s got to get better” between the two men, is beaten there.

“The example with Bruno Le Maire is to meditate: the revival, it does not proclaim. It is embodied and it is demonstrated”.

The middle of François Hollande “well-understood, Manuel Valls wanted to be in the battle and that he was willing to accept a nomination”. But it “also requires that we respect the function and timing of presidential”. A calendar which should not be altered according to the minister. “We do not suffer the events,” away from the “bougisme standing” which has led to the defeat of Nicolas Sarkozy, according to him. Stéphane Le Foll trace the major axes of a hypothetical campaign of the incumbent president. “We need to build a green growth finance green….). Then, it is necessary to maintain the budget of Education and Research as the first budget of the France. Third, the Europe and the Euro. (…) Finally, the place of France in the international”.

The minister also took advantage of this interview to scratch Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the two rivals of the future socialist candidate to the left. About the first, “the example of Bruno Le Maire is to meditate: the revival, it does not proclaim. It is embodied and it shows”. And the second is put out of socialism because of his sovereignty. “In a socialist, there is the dimension internationalist (…). Mélenchon has forgotten it. Wrong!”


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