François Fillon now seems to be happy with the polls to be most favourable. – PHILIPPE HUGUEN / AFP

And he managed to create the surprise. “It is a wave. A wave which demonstrates the interest of the citizens for the future of their country, ” said Francois Fillon on Sunday night, at the end of the first round of the primary of the right, who placed well in the lead.

in recent days, the polls were rather in favour of François Fillon. “The surveys we have since months a duel that would be already finalised “, was annoyed, moreover, Valérie Boyer, his spokesperson, firing red cannon balls on the pollsters (and the media) for better… use it in the stride, and argue that a dynamic in favour of François Fillon.

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the “arguments” in its favour

And she was not wrong. It was less than 10 % in voting intentions six months ago, and it is that Sunday evening a large lead before the favorite Alain Juppé, with an advance such as the ex-Prime minister Jacques Chirac has very little chance in the second round. How do you explain this reversal ? “This is not surprising, claimed to be in the entourage of Nicolas Sarkozy in the beginning of last week. It is a former Prime minister, who has always been very popular in the public opinion.

there clearly would have been a debate “” debate: French prime minister François Fillon would have appeared solid in the exchanges as we explained Jérôme Fourquet director of the Department of public opinion at Ifop. “As in 2011 when the primary PS, a good part of the electorate, less politicized, goes to the heart of the subject at the last straight line, and in particular in televised debates. Fillon has scored points with a good performance when Bruno Le Maire, the other 3rd man, was not necessarily comfortable on the two issues “.

A program is marked to the right

But this is not all. François Fillon has also taken up the challenge of a program is marked to the right, succeeding to reassure the electorate of The Republicans that could have led him to prefer Nicolas Sarkozy, the former president of the Republic, of which he was the Prime minister.

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On taxation, working time, retirement plans, but also the fight against the jihadists or the “reset morale” of the country, it advocates a remedy for shock.

from the strictly societal, François Fillon, supported by Common Sense, the product policy of the movement of the Manif for all within the party The Republicans, shows itself to be conservative, even if he has indicated that he would not be on the bill for the Marriage for all, but recalled that he wanted to go back to the right to the full adoption for gay couples and book the LDCS to opposite-sex couples.

On the form, on the other hand, it is a certain form of elegance, far from the controversy.

on Sunday night, Bruno Le Maire, who arrived in the fifth position called for people to vote for him. Nicolas Sarkozy, who had a time labelled a “collaborator” when he was his Prime minister, also.

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