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François Fillon, the underdog became the favorite, remains unknown to French – Echo

An acceleration fierce in the last line right, and a resounding success. Eternal “number two” of his camp, François Fillon is now the big favorite for the second round of the primary to the right and may, in may 2017, to be the face of the sandwich.

a few weeks ago, this scenario was unimaginable. But the former Prime minister of Nicolas Sarkozy has managed to thwart the predictions in dethroning the non-removable favorite surveys, Alain Juppé, and beating the former president of the Republic, pushed into retirement.

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Avid fan of motor racing, the deputy of Paris has spun a metaphor that he likes, on Sunday evening, comparing to the belgian driver Jacky Ickx, author of a spectacular recovery at the 24 Hours of le Mans from 1969 until the final victory. “He had 120 yards ahead, we’ve got several tours, he launched in front of its supports.

” Inhabited “by the urgency of reform in the face of a socialist rule that precipitates according to him, the France into the abyss, the gaullist social 62-year-old, who has always inspired distrust of chiraquiens, is” party in the assault ” the first, as early as 2013.

The “contributor” of Sarkozy

Qualified as a “collaborator” by Nicolas Sarkozy when he was Prime minister, François Fillon collects the fruits of his tenacity and his consistency, four years after his departure from Matignon. Its resilience also.

Its failure in the face of Jean-Francois Copé election to the presidency of the UMP in November 2012, ballot marred by fraud, has been a milestone in his career. Over the meetings, which have taught him to slice through the armor, the solitary phlegm british and passionate about new technologies told this “inner strength” born out of the defeat and neat “the deficit of affect” that he will accuse his critics.

” I thought I would take a step back, but my duty has caught up with me at avc on “Don’t let it go”, I tell you. I didn’t let go, I loose nothing ! “, repeated it in front of the activists won over the portraying them as “a man of State, serious, reassuring,” a kind of Pompidou “. The irony of history, the Sarthois, the herald of a right on the provincial and conservative who has built his image as a counterpoint to Nicolas Sarkozy, will ultimately have delighted the heart of right-wing supporters.

this is the Image marred by the case Jouyet-Fillon

His freedom, François Fillon has resumed crescendo, opening up publicly hostilities against Nicolas Sarkozy in July 2013 : “Everyone has the right to want to serve his country, and each shall have the right to be a candidate in the primary, but no one can say “move along, there’s nothing to see, in the appeal, that is me !””

In his book-program ” Make “, released in September of 2015, it draws the portrait of a man more daring than Nicolas Sarkozy, ” less malleable “, but thwarted in his desire to ” go further “, notably on the reform of the 35 hours.

The first step towards rigour, in 2011, it was part of him, which was diagnosed as a “State in bankruptcy” as early as September 2007, and today offers a “program breakdown” of inspiration thatcherite. At the risk of worsen in the short term the public deficit and to provoke the wrath of Brussels.

In this book, François Fillon scratched badly the former president and his ” character of plebeian officer that he had thought it necessary to forge out to conquer the power, but it is probably too locked up to keep it “. A former minister remembers : “He spoke of Sarkozy almost jokingly, as in a family we speak of a brother-in-law a bit foutraque on the mode We do not will not””.

The relations degrade permanently when, in November 2014, in the columns of the World and in their book ” Sarkozy is kill “, the journalists Gerard Davet and Fabrice Human write that, during a lunch on June 24, 2014, French prime minister François Fillon has requested the secretary-general of the presidency, Jean-Pierre Jouyet, the Elysée accelerates the course of justice against Nicolas Sarkozy to prevent his political comeback.

French prime minister François Fillon, who presents himself as the candidate of the ” righteousness “, is inconsistent with force to attack and libel the journalists. Last August, he launches, in a clear allusion to Nicolas Sarkozy, but also to Alain Juppé : “imagine for a moment general de Gaulle put in consideration ? “The sentence will have a powerful echo in the media.


in Front of the “right of inventory” which is unleashed against Nicolas Sarkozy during the campaign for the primary, François Fillon was then measured his critics. “We must have the courage to question oneself, one must have the insight to weigh the pros and cons of our balance sheet, and in that spirit, I don’t discard not my responsibility “, he declared.

on Sunday night, Nicolas Sarkozy has announced that he will vote for him in the second round, ” whatever the disagreements of the past “, arguing a close with its political choices. It is as much by conviction as resentment towards the chiraquiens that François Fillon rallied Nicolas Sarkozy in 2005, furious at his ouster of the government of Villepin. Because the man is holding – its basque origins ? – a pride is fierce. “Chirac, you do not remember anything, except my reforms,” he started. The chiraquiens, which can be found for around part of Alain Juppé, have not forgiven.

Son policy of Philippe Séguin

introduced to politics by his mentor Joël Le Theule, deputy RPR of the Sarthe, Francois Fillon has served since 1981, at 27 years of age, on the benches of the Assembly. In 1980, he married a Welsh, Penelope, with whom he had five children. Three years later, he won the mayor of Sablé-sur-Sarthe in which he will make his electoral stronghold, and is close to that of Philippe Séguin, and his real father in politics.

French prime minister François Fillon made his first ministerial in 1993 in the government of cohabitation, Edouard Balladur. He was one of the few “balladuriens” to escape the retribution chiraquienne after the presidential election of 1995. He was appointed minister of information Technologies and the Post office, then deputy minister of Post, Telecommunications and Space, under Alain Juppé. He was also senator (2005-2007) and president of the regional Council of pays de la Loire (1998-2002).

In march 2004, he suffered in the regional its first electoral defeat in a 23-year career. After the defeat of 6 may 2012, François Fillon had chosen to get elected in the 2nd district of Paris, thinking of a time in the municipal elections in paris 2014 before you see ” farther “. “I’ve done the mourning for nothing,” he said.

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