posters of Marine Le Pen and François Fillon in a village of the Sarthe, on 7 September 2016. – GILE MICHEL/SIPA

Officially, Juppé or Fillon, Fillon, or Juppe, no matter the winner of the primary for the right to the national Front. But during the week between the two rounds, the big boys of the party have chosen their target, the future winner François Fillon. Seen the advance of the former Prime minister at the end of the first round, the FN was quick to set an angle of attack. Sunday night, just before the results did fall, Marine Le Pen had already given his opinion on one of its main opponents in the April and/or may next year during the presidential election : “I’ve always thought that this would be a very good candidate,” said the candidate of the FN, travel to The Meeting. Sub-course very good for his party, of course.

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And to justify this assertion, MLP has summoned… a member of the Republicans : “Henri Guaino was right when he said that it is the worst program of social degradation that has ever existed, the worst. “The mp, the LR of the Yvelines department, a candidate in the presidential election, has returned the politeness this Monday on Europe 1, explaining that,” for once I share the diagnosis of the national Front : this is a very good news for him because with a program like that, the popular classes and the middle classes, they are not going to go vote for this right-there “.

” The whole character of political Fillon refocuses Marine Le Pen “

For the moment, the national Front, therefore, based on the rope social to denounce the program to be very liberal of François Fillon. Florian Philippot, vice-president of the party, has been accused of ” candidate of savage globalization “, and the senator-mayor of Fréjus, David Rachline has posted a five-minute video on Monday, retweetée by almost all the heads of poster of the FN, criticizing the findings and proposals of French prime minister François Fillon, in particular on the economic angle.

The designation of the former Prime minister of Nicolas Sarkozy seems to mechanically reinforce the party line Philippot, marked to the left on the economic plan. To the treasurer of the FN and a regional councillor of Ile-de-France Wallerand De Saint-Just, contacted by 20 Minutes, the candidate with The Pen also stands on societal issues : “With François Fillon, it will be even more seen as the candidate of the balance. In a week, it has crystallized the criticism in a significant way on some of its positions. The whole character of political Fillon refocuses Marine Le Pen. It, it only attaches to contemporary problems. Take a look at the feud between Juppé and Fillon on ABORTIONS during the period between the two rounds. It was terrible, so that this question no interest to 98 % of the French in 2016 ! “

The FN chooses for the moment to borrow items left language, but it is not certain that the strategy and the program of Marine Le Pen for the French presidential elections are completely in that kind of tone, writes Gilles Ivaldi, senior researcher in political science at the CNRS and university of Nice-Sophia Antipolis. “To the left, in the popular vote and worker, the FN has already done the full, it maxes out. The party leaders do not want to totally return to the strategy 'to the left toute’of 2012. We had already seen in the course of their seminars last year that the FN was trying to review its economic policy, because its managers know that its margin of progression is to the right, ” explains the specialist of the extreme right.

During the regional elections of 2015, the party frontiste had already given a few tokens of rightward shift of economic : “The aim was to find a balance between protectionism and the role of the State on one side, and at the same time inject a dose of liberalism to reach small business owners, entrepreneurs, together with a few drops of burden and deregulation. There was this idea of promoting small businesses “, adds Gilles Ivaldi.

expenses on islam and migrants

French prime minister François Fillon came to breaking up this project and requires, for the moment, the frontistes to promote the line Philippot. The national Front, during the week between the two towers, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen has been the only one to recognize that the candidature of the former Prime minister could cause some problems. “Fillon we are faced with a strategic problem, it is more dangerous for the FN,” said the representative of the-line conservative-liberal history of the party on Wednesday before the Association of journalists, parliamentarians.

In the meantime reaching a final decision on the overall strategy to adopt vis-à-vis the one that some of the surveys send already in the second round against Marine Le Pen, several executives frontistes attack French prime minister François Fillon on its policy vis-à-vis islam and migrants. To note that Stéphane Ravier attributed to François Fillon a sentence on the minarets that it would be pronounced on December 4,… 2016, in a week ( the quote actually dates back to 2009).

” The national Front is clearly in a moment of reflection on its strategy. The problem of the candidate Fillon is that it occupies completely the space of economic liberalism to the right, positioning itself on conservative values which are, in part, those of the electorate, FN. And the manner of Sarkozy in 2007, François Fillon has managed the trick of appearing as a man of nine, and that of the rupture. Not sure the FN is able to play a lot on this side of “man of the past” “, nuance Gilles Ivaldi. Puzzle in view for the party, who must present his program after the primary from the left at the end of January.

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