Saturday, November 26, 2016

David Hamilton, the photographer of young girls of a bygone era – West-France

The british photographer David Hamilton, who was found dead Friday night at his home in paris, was internationally known for his photographs of young girls, often naked, bathed in the glow of a soft characteristic. Portrait.

The lights dimmed, bluish colors, a blur that was his trademark, the ” blur Hamilton “, Hamilton had occupied a special place in photography of the 1970s and 1980s. He was found dead, on Friday evening, at his home in paris.

World-renowned for his photos of young girls, often naked, he was then gone out of fashion and his photos are now considered a nuisance by some. In recent weeks, he had been accused of rape by some of its models, in particular the presenter Flavie Flament, charges that he denied formally.

Very popular in the 1970s, her books have sold millions of copies, not to mention his posters displayed in the rooms of teenage girls of the time, or even postcards and puzzles from his work.

” blur hamiltonian “

Born in London in 1933, David Hamilton was raised by his mother. He studied architecture but it was in Paris that he began to work in fashion. The magazine ” Her “ as a designer, then as art director for the stores in The Spring.

Without training, he began photography at the age of 33. He sought his models in the streets, on the beaches including Cap d’agde, where he had a studio, in the nordic countries, marking a preference for young blonde girls with blue eyes.

” We talked a lot about the blur hamiltonian, some have even claimed that I soufflais on the goal to give the famous blur to my photos ! “, was the photographer in an interview to Paris Match in 2015. Very quickly his world erotic-romantic wins the mode, with for example an advertisement for a perfume brand.

” Bilitis “

The photographer goes behind the camera with his film, ” Bilitis “ in 1977. The actress Macha Méril played in ” Tender cousins “, his third film. Then comes ” First desires “ with actress Emmanuelle Béart, shot in 1980.

But his style, mixing young girls with flowers, scenery bucolic and blur mysterious has then been the subject of much mockery. In the 2000s, the style Hamilton is exceeded, in particular because of the evolution of the attitude and mindset on the exposure of the bodies of young girls naked.

The famous photographer was recently returned to the front of the stage to the page of the story after the accusations of rape by several of his former models, including Flavie Flament, from which he defended himself strongly.

” I did nothing “, had said the photographer, while confirming to have taken a photo of the moderator” there are 29 or 30 years “. the ” I made him pass a test and the photo I made has been published “, he added.

In his book ” comfort “ (JC Lattès), the moderator had said they had been raped nearly 30 years ago by a known photographer, which it unveiled not the name.

She had finished the last week by accusing, by name, the british photographer who had protested his innocence and threatened to sue for defamation.


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