Monday, November 28, 2016

“Austere “, ” conservative “, François Fillon seen by the international press – The World

For foreign media, the candidate of the right in the presidential election is a man sober in the program ” thatchérien “.

The primary right was the right to a broad international coverage.

A large part of the coverage of the primary from the right by the international press was on Sunday 27 November to prepare for its readers the portrait of François Fillon. with El Pais , which publishes on its website a photo of French prime minister François Fillon the hand on the heart, was retained, above all, the religious faith of the candidate to the presidential election.

The Spanish newspaper speaks of’“a traditionalist catholic to lead a France laïque “, recalling that ” conservatism is the ideology that has permeated his life.” , The newspaper quoted his remarks on abortion and his opposition to adoption for gay couples, describing it as a man ” reliable and predictable , especially in regards to his faith”.

” roman Catholic “taken up” but also ” austere man at the bet classic “, ” bushy eyebrows “ wrote The Tribune de Genève highlights the ” revenge of the eternal second “. and Italian Corriere della sera prefers the term ” triumph of the underdog “. the Same comment in the tabloid German Das Bild which highlights the journey of François Fillon,” employee of Sarkozy to champion “. The american news agency Associated Press insists on his side ” sober and authoritarian ” the experience of which reassures them of its support despite a ” lack of charisma “.

The international press rests largely on the conservative agenda of the former prime minister. The Corriere della sera evokes the removal of 500 000 jobs in the public functions or the abolition of the 35 hours. the ” French prime minister François Fillon, with his manner serious, sober and reassuring, promising a conservative revolution and liberal, who goes so far as to question the foundations of a welfare State to which the French seem attached, “, wrote of the daily life of Milan.

” Thatcher French ” to CNN

French prime minister François Fillon, a

The Reuters news agency sharing the analysis on the grounds that the ” an amateur of racing cars who lives in a castle of the Loire Valley promises of radical reforms to a French economy encumbered with regulations “.

” Thatcher the French way ” according to CNN, French prime minister François Fillon was satisfied with his performance during the debates, says the american chain who is wondering if France is a ” a turning point “. in The Daily Telegraph does not avoid the reference to the former leader of the United Kingdom, describing the project Fillon as a ” French version of the Thatchérisme mixing economic liberalism and social conservatism, a blend that France has never seen “.

another british title, the tabloid Daily Express is already the portrait of Penelope Fillon, ” the Welsh, who could become the First lady of France “.

As for the media around the world, this victory in the primary place François Fillon at the head of the race for the Elysée palace in may 2017. the ” The favourite, for once, it is François Fillon “, writes the Corriere della sera. The BBC will look at the challenges ahead for the candidate. It must ” now unite the party after a battle of the primary in order to confront the socialist party and the leader of the extreme-right Marine Le Pen “, said the chain’s british.

Time on ” bet complicated, “, ” break and gather at once “. François Fillon ” can only dream at the Elysée palace by the only dynamic of this primary (…) He will have to quickly demonstrate that he can be the president of all French people “, comments on the swiss paper to which the deputy of Paris has a weapon of choice: ” the state of decomposition advanced from the left “.

decisive Break with the past

” Mr. Fillon, with his promises to restore the identity of France and its national greatness as well as his language hard on immigration and Islam, has clearly made a call to the voters of Ms. Le Pen “, observes the New York Times. The daily the most famous of the United States considers that the cuts are massive announced by the French politician in the country’s budget could, however, ” put it in a vulnerable situation in the face of Ms. Le Pen “.

american Newspaper that published the longest article about this primary, the Wall Street Journal sees in the choice of François Fillon the beginnings of a substantive change. the ” The France flirts with a revolution of the market economy, which would be a decisive break with its past “, the conservative daily. The WSJ seems to rejoice : ” Many will say that it was time. It will be thirty years that France resists. “

It also warns the former prime minister is not Margaret Thatcher who wants to, criticizing in particular the lack of details on his project for the reform of the public service. ” If Mr Fillon is serious in its intentions to transform the France, it first needs a credible plan “, concludes the newspaper.


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