fire in front of the ephad of Montferrier-sur-Lez (Herault), 25 November 2016. – AP/SIPA

Three days after the tragedy, the commune of Montferrier-on-Lez (Herault), a few kilometers from Montpellier, is still in shock. Thursday to 21: 30, a man has landed and armed encagoulé in a retirement home welcoming missionaries religious, where he has worked. An employee, a health care aide aged 54 years, has been found dead.

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At the end of a huge manhunt, the assailant was arrested Friday. In custody, he allegedly confessed to the facts.

According to e-metropolitain, the alleged killer of the health care aide came to robbing the safe of the hotel. It would, in any case, according to the news site, deliver this version to the gendarmes, during his time in custody. The former paratrooper 47-year-old reportedly explained to investigators that he is a ” robbery that went wrong “.

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The man, who knew that the retirement home was housed “a large sum of money” for having worked there, would have tried to force employees to open the safe. This is when he would have been recognized that things would have turned out badly. Information which have not been confirmed by the courts, nor by the gendarmerie services.

The man should be indicted for murder and attempted murder on Sunday. The prosecutor is expected to give a press conference in the afternoon.

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