Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The IDU, which was chosen Juppé, will be in conversation with Fillon – Europe1

The IDU, which had decided to support Alain Juppé to the primary, was appointed on Tuesday a delegation to go and negotiate with François Fillon, while the centre is shaken by the victory of Fillon and the nomination of Macron.

Appointment is scheduled for Wednesday. Its chairman, the deputy-mayor of Drancy, Jean-Christophe Lagarde, has an appointment Wednesday morning with François Fillon. He had explained to Sunday night that he wanted to discuss with him a “draft legislation” and the executive board has appointed Tuesday night by a delegation. The victory of François Fillon has disrupted the plans of the centrists who had in large part relied on the mayor of Bordeaux, a supporter of a gathering of the right and centre. Tuesday morning, before the deputies LR, François Fillon explained that it had “an agreement” with the centrists. While adding : “I’m going to discuss with our partners the centrists. We need them, and they have, I feel, especially need us, under penalty of a collective failure”.

The activists consulted “early 2017″. “The IDU comes out well sick of this primary,” observed the former minister Yves Jégo, who calls since Sunday, “extraordinary congress” of the UDI, worrying about the “division” of the family centre. A national council and a consultation of activists will take place in “early 2017″ on the legislative project, reported injection drug use, according to a motion passed at the executive board. Created in the fall of 2012, the IDU comprises, in particular, the radical Party, the New Centre, the Alliance of centrist and direct members.

The centre is divided. The New Centre, Hervé Morin also held a meeting Tuesday evening and decided by congress on December 11, to form a new party and …. where appropriate, decide to stay or not in the IDU. In addition to the unexpected victory of the one they had not chosen, the nomination of Macron also sown the disorder to the IDU. The leader of deputies, UDI, Philippe Vigier, has called on his side to rally behind Fillon, considering that there was “no room for division” and criticizing the “wrong way” of starters in Emmanuel Macron.

In a forum, 130 young injection drug users (politicians, managers, activists) – but not the official IDU Young people– have made their support for the candidacy of Emmanuel Macron. And mep Jean Arthuis, the founder of the Alliance, a centrist, was displayed for several weeks his support for the former minister of the Economy. “There is a part of the electorate who voted Juppé who will vote Macron”, analyzed on Tuesday, a member of parliament juppéiste.


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