Sunday, November 20, 2016

Primary right : Fillon widely in the lead according to the first results, before Juppé and Sarkozy – The World

According to results that are very provisional, as communicated by the high authority of the primary, François Fillon is given largely in the lead the first lap, in front of Alain Juppé and Nicolas Sarkozy.

Francois Fillon, in Paris, prior to the vote.

According to provisional results announced by the high authority of the primary, on 7 948 polling stations counted (10 229), which voted for 2.9 million voters, François Fillon would win 43.9% of the votes in the first round. It is running ahead of Alain Juppé to 27.9 % and Nicolas Sarkozy to 21.4 %.

These first results given by the high authority of the primary must be read with caution. These offices were those where there was the least number of voters (including those on land the more to the left or the offices of the most isolated).

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According to these first figures, Nicolas Sarkozy, with 21.4 per cent, would end up third in the first round and would therefore be eliminated. If this result were to be confirmed throughout the offices, this would be a huge surprise, as the various polls released in the last few months have regularly given the former president of the Republic qualified for the second round. The strong mobilization recorded in the day he would therefore have been detrimental, encouraging more competitors than itself.

If the trend continues, next Sunday, the voters of the right and the centre should, therefore, have to choose between François Fillon and alain Juppé. The former prime minister and member of parliament for Paris collects, for the moment, 43.9% of the vote. Had been eliminated, François Fillon has made a significant breakthrough in the polls during the last week before the first round. The mayor of Bordeaux harvest, 27.9% of the votes on the early voting locations.

record attendance

The primary of the right and centre has strongly mobilised, more than expected. According to the projections of the polls, the participation may be up to 4 million voters. Has 17 hours more than 2.5 million voters were displaced, according to a count taken on 70 % of polling stations, according to Thierry Solère, the chairman of the commission on organization of the primary.

A genuine success for the party Republicans. As A comparison, the first round of the primary organized by the socialist Party, in 2011, had raised 2.66 million voters.

other candidates beaten

the other candidates on the primary of the right and centre have failed to give the lie to the polls. Bruno Le Maire, who had dreamed of in the third man, has not won his bet. The member of parliament for the Eure collects 2.6% of the vote, according to the first examinations.

The member of parliament for Paris, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, is currently fifth, with 2.5 % of the vote. The deputy of the Yvelines department, and chairman of the christian democratic Party, Jean-Frédéric Poisson, collects only 1.4% of the vote. Last of the first round, Jean-François Copé, member of parliament for Seine-et-Marne, saves only 0.3% of the vote.

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