Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A police car on fire in full manifestation of police against the “anti-hate cops” – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – Police show Wednesday across France to protest the “anti-cops hate” on the sidelines of the mobilization against the labor law, a first marked by a cons-demonstration against police violence that has degenerated paris, where a police car was burned.

Their powerful unions had invited the police to static rallies in sixty cities. Most important united at midday hundreds of participants on the very symbolic place of the Republic in Paris, which gathers every evening movement citizen Night standing.

A planned rally in the same place by the collective “Emergency Police kills our” was banned because of “significant risk of serious disturbances of public order.” But 300 against demonstrators denouncing police violence have still visited Republic.

Chanting “Cops, pigs, murderers” or “Everyone hates the police,” they were pushed back outside the square by an impressive security device, the security forces firing tear gas.

a small group then burned a police car not far away with a Molotov cocktail, after forcing out of two policemen who were in the vehicle, according to police headquarters. In front of the charred wreckage, unknown persons made a sign. “Roast chicken, free prices,” said a journalist from AFP

On the spot, the police gathered under the protection of a cordon of policemen and barriers.

“This is a ras-le-bol, it’s enough to be questioned systematically and get beaten up,” said one protester AFP. “We have to challenge the leaders, we know the”, “is left to the rioters.” On a giant screen, breakers of images, broken windows and wounded policemen parade, boos by protesters.

According to authorities, more than 350 members of the security forces were wounded since the protests began against the El Khomri law there are more than two months

-. Government support –

in the province, 70 agents gathered in Besançon to say that the police are not “wild and bloodthirsty brutes”, nearly 150 in Metz, 200 in Marseille and Bordeaux, where one protester waved a sign “I peacekeeper, not guardian of war,” or 300 in Nantes. Other cons-demonstrations were prohibited, especially in Lyon.

The government has openly displayed its solidarity with the police.

Francois Hollande brought them Wednesday in a Cabinet ” very clear support “,” in a difficult environment. ” “To attack them is to attack us all,” tweeted Manuel Valls.

Applauded after the attacks, the police still has a “great image” 82 % of French who have a good opinion, according to a poll for Le Parisien Odoxa.

But the slogans against the police are flourishing in the protests and police violence are regularly denounced. The security forces have particularly been questioned after a young man has lost the use of one eye in late April at Rennes, and thirty investigations of the “police of the police” (IGPN) have opened

the tensions crystallized around with posters of a union CGT pinning police violence. outraged police unions asked the Interior Minister to complain and deny any violence.

they call the “support” of the government which they call the “firmness” deal with “rioters”. “I’ve never seen that,” Arnaud told AFP, CRS twenty years. “The thugs + + (…) are perfectly organized, collect everything they find and we snipe. No loot, to break and smash cop.”

A number of elected and extreme right right, the National Front MP Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, came to lend their support to Republic of demonstrators. MP Eric Ciotti Republicans called “acts for those who attack police officers are punished,” insisting that “the government and the interior minister act.”

Bernard Cazeneuve has however refuted any weakness in his instructions deal with “rioters”: “it is a lie,” said he said to the place of the right wing opposition and “theorists shambles”



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