Wednesday, May 18, 2016

police car on fire in Paris: three men in custody – Liberation

What has exactly happened on Wednesday when a police car was burned in Paris on the sidelines of a police anti-violence against-event?

While the police s ‘were given appointments Republic square to protest the “anti-cops hate” on the sidelines of the mobilization against the labor law, a rally scheduled in the same place by the collective “Emergency our Police kills” was banned because risk of “serious disturbances of public order”

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But against some 300 demonstrators denouncing police violence were still made on the spot. Chanting “Cops, pigs, murderers” or “Everyone hates the police” , they were repelled by an impressive security device. Four people were arrested for prohibited weapons port or contempt, according to the police headquarters.

Not far away, a police car was then set on fire, the two officials inside scoring to get out in a hurry. A video filmed by the French branch of Russia Today (remember that this is a Kremlin mouthpiece close to the extreme right) shows, specifically that the photos did, the sequence of events .

from 56’10, one can thus see the police car, which is engaged in the street where demonstrators are, emerge after having already received several blows. She finally stopped and hooded protesters threw a smoke object inside. Two policemen present inside then out, one of them being helped by a demonstrator. Slightly injured, they suffer bruises. The person filming then moves away before giving notice that the vehicle is on fire. On the ground, a sign “Roast chicken” (which is not seen on the video) was then installed near the charred carcass.

An investigation for attempted voluntary homicide was opened at the prefecture claiming that a molotov cocktail was thrown into the car. Now it seems that this is not the case. Four people were arrested and “others intervene” said Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve. Those arrested three men aged 19 and 21, were taken into custody.

The Prefect of Police of Paris, Michel Cadot, denounced an attack “particularly shocking” , “that marks an escalation in gratuitous violence and brutal” against the security forces. “The Socialist Party strongly condemns these acts and insults against the police, as the violence and incidents that have multiplied in recent weeks on the fringes of protests against labor law” PS also reacted in the press while Nicolas Sarkozy, president of the party Republicans, denounced on his Facebook page “the State authority loss” , after the violence.

According to authorities, more than 350 members of the security forces were wounded since protests against El Khomri law there are more than two months.



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