Monday, May 16, 2016

Vitry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne): a crazy car crashes into pedestrians 5 and ends in a showcase – MetroNews

Horror in Vitry-sur-Seine. Sunday, May 15, around 19:30, a crazy car hit a woman and two children, before mowing two girls and finishing up in the window of a sandwich, reports Le Parisien.

the accident occurred at the corner of Avenue Jean-Jaurès and Gabriel Peri street. Audi A6, rolling at full speed crashed into a woman, 41 years old, a girl and a boy of 8 and 4. The girl, seriously injured in the leg and is out of danger. Two young women, 18 and 22, are also seriously injured, but “their prognosis is no longer engaged,” said a judicial source told AFP.

The driver himself, “stood” at the time the rescue intervened, ensured a witness. The screenings to alcohol and drugs were negative. He is currently in police custody.

“We must develop a roundabout, otherwise the bloodshed will continue”

This motorist to intersection says he saw the Audi tumble from his right on Jean-Jaures avenue towards the Port to the English, as he prepared to go green fire. “On the same street, in front, there was a stopped truck waiting to turn,” he says. The crazy car has crashed into the left front of the truck before mowing the five pedestrians.

“There was screaming. Then a lot of people hurried and moved the car to free victims, “he told a neighbor Paris . The two young women, trapped under the Audi, have indeed been released thanks to the intervention of local residents.

The accident revived the controversy on the crossroads, known for its danger. “There are crazy all the time trying to overtake at high speed. This is a very poorly designed intersection,” said a local resident to RTL. It was six years ago, a child and had been struck by a tanker there.

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