Monday, November 14, 2016

At the Zenith, Juppé, the candidate that keeps “the fish” – The Point

This Monday night, at the Zenith of Paris, the eyes of the curious and the objectives of the photographers were all riveted on Alain… alain Delon. The actor and former supporter of Nicolas Sarkozy, created the event by attending the before-last meeting of Alain Juppé. “I didn’t think that it would be in view, so much the better for us !” welcomed a relative of the candidate.

in the audience In the concert hall of paris (filled by 6 000 persons), there were other small surprises. In the stands, the ex-president of the constitutional Council Jean-Louis Debré has taken place among the elect LR, Modem and UDI. The chiraquien had been pressed by Juppé himself to announce his rallying, during a visit to the book fair of Brive, on the 6th of November. This has been done.

The third surprise was female. Half of Alain Juppé, the one he excuse from his hosts in almost all his travels, and that is only there in the most important moments : Isabelle Juppé, so. It is with it that the favourite in the polls has split the crowd, cheered on by his fans, to the sound of fog horns, before sitting down next to Valérie Pécresse, approached to be its First minister. Was missing more than Xavier Bertrand, who likely announce his support, Friday, November 18, at Lille.

While François Fillon rises in the polls (+ 7 points in the poll Tns-Kantar-OnePoint) and takes the place of the third man with 18 % of the vote, Juppe (which loses 6 points) affirms, however, have “fishing” ! “I hadn’t heard it for a long time, rejoices in the modest Juppé to the tribune, in a smile to a minimum. You are more than 6 000 ; good omen of victory ! “

Right in my boots and I was, right in my boots and I will stay !

” friends sarkozystes “had predicted Jean-Christophe Lagarde, the boss of the IDU, that Alain Juppé” would not be able to fill in the Zenith ” room, where the ex-president was giving a public meeting on 9 October. “We’re going to win !” throw its support, French flags in the air. “Yes, if I can talk about it…” retorted Juppé, who has a horror of being cut off. “I focus on me all the attacks,” continues the ex-Prime minister, while Sarkozy has so far not been spared by the other candidates, in particular during the second televised debate. “The most recent, are the most such. Right in my boots and I was, right in my boots and I will stay ! “

favorite Target of Sarkozy, who lampooned at each meeting its “identity happy” and the support of Bayrou, Juppé has counter-attacked in recent days by putting two or three stops ” (in the words of Benoist Appeared) to its rival and to Fillon. But, in front of its audience, and the candidate refuses to type too loud. The one who had pleaded for a code of good conduct has scratched ” those who were the most pusillanimous when they were in power (and who) swell today their biceps “. Juppé says he wants, to six days of the first round, a campaign that takes place in the “dignity” and a ” campaign of truth “. And to detail his program (no surprise, him). “They are ambitious, not [my reforms, ED] ? Seems that I lack ambition… “, lance-t-il in response to the ex-president.

The graduate wanted to conclude on a key lyric in quoting de Gaulle, describing France as “the princess of the fairy tales or the madonna on the frescoes of the walls” – and Charles Péguy, and her little ” hope, this promise of a bud “. The applicant is, already, as the one that will ” succeed the spring of France, the spring of hope “. We expect that this word would have a different meaning in the mouth of his rival.


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