Friday, February 27, 2015

A reception in the Gold Coast area, welcomes thirty migrants in Calais –

A reception in the Gold Coast area, welcomes thirty migrants in Calais –

They are desperate to reach England, c is finally the municipality of Pouilly-en-Auxois tending their arms. For nearly two weeks, village welcomes thirty migrants all asylum seekers who previously resided in Calais in conditions insalubres.Exit nights sleeping under a bridge, it is now in a converted former fire police in reception centers that Sudanese, Chadian and Eritrean their home.

A home which is explained in part by a decision from the minisètre of the Interior, to allocate migrants outside Calais: “To relieve Calais migrants around 2500, the Ministry of the Interior has asked various social housing operators to seek shelters. Adoma signed an eighteen-month lease for up to 60 migrants in the barracks of the gendarmes, a 1960s building vacant for several months, “said the sub-prefect of Beaune, Frackowiak-Anne Jacobs.

“It goes well”

Mayor of a town of only 1,600 inhabitants, Bernard Milloir (no label) received the news with some reluctance but ensures that newcomers take their brands . “ I was told it would be 60 people. I did not know at all what profile they would. Are they would be families? In which case, it would have to ask the question of the education of children , “says one who ironically hails from Calais. “ I left Calais there fifteen years, so I do not know illegal immigration when I was living. I come back sometimes, the city has changed. Migrants are really left to themselves. Here, this is not the case, they are housed, framed.

” Anonymous letters “

Announced a few days after the attacks of Paris, reception of migrants is not necessarily spent with everyone. “ Inevitably, there were amalgams. ,” said the mayor who has also received a dozen anonymous letters “ with about nauseating . But I took the lead and the party to watch and explain things humanistic way. These are people who are suffering

The town of Pouilly-en-Auxois should accommodate thirty people in the days

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