Thursday, February 26, 2015

Albi: he had threatened to kill a principal, six months in prison – Le Parisien

Albi: he had threatened to kill a principal, six months in prison – Le Parisien

26 Febr. 2015, 6:28 p.m. | Update: Feb. 26. 2015, 7:01 p.m.

Tuesday morning he had made death threats against the director of the Edouard-Herriot Albi school (Tarn). Thursday, this father known for acts of violence was sentenced to one year in prison, six months firm, during his hearing in criminal court.

“If this continues there will be a second murder in this school, “was launched including man during a stormy meeting with the Director, in reference to the murder in July 2014 of a teacher by a deranged mother.

The court did not grant a warrant, man is left free, but the pain he must accomplish is subject to a probation for two years and a duty of care. He also prohibition to approach all schools to hold a weapon and was sentenced to pay one euro in damages and interest to the director of the institution.

It will appeal warns his lawyer

“I consider that the facts did not constitute an offense,” said AFP counsel for the accused, Philippe Pressecq. He added that his client was appealing the judgment. The prosecutor, Claude Derens, had requested a lighter sentence including “criminal coercion and prohibition from visiting a school it is.”

On Tuesday, the director of the institution had Albigensian complained and the man was taken into custody when he went himself to the police station to file a complaint against her. “This is not the first time this father utters such threats to teachers” that he suspects “for reporting intra-family violence,” said a teacher unionist was the Tarn.

On July 4, the last day of the school year, a lopsided 47 year old woman was fatally stabbed Fabienne-Calmès Terral, 34, a teacher in the Albigensian establishment. The murderous had been under investigation for “murder” and detained in a prison medical service of the Toulouse area, the experts concluded that there was “severe mental disorders as persecutory delusions.”

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