Friday, February 27, 2015

County: the FN Valls accused of mixing genres … – Le Figaro

County: the FN Valls accused of mixing genres … – Le Figaro

THE SCAN POLICY – The Prime Minister participated in a meeting Thursday night in Aude, in which he designated the FN as its “principal adversary.” Florian Philippot questions the funding of this trip.

The meeting Manuel Valls on Thursday night in support of candidates for the county in the Aude, struggling to move into the ranks of the FN. On the merits, first: the Prime Minister has appointed to the extreme right as the “main adversary” “not only the left but the country.” “They have lost the ball, they are obsessed with the dynamics of the National Front,” tackles this Friday morning Florian Philippot, interviewed on BFM-TV. “They all went to the room, they did not mention agriculture, they spoke of the FN (…) We, our main opponent is unemployment, insecurity, declining purchasing power, small pensions, massive immigration, “argued the right arm Marine Le Pen

On the form then. FN sees the participation of a prime minister in an election campaign a “mixture of rather serious genres” “It is paid by whom. ? “, asks Florian Philippot. Matignon ensures that all movements of Manuel Valls provided in the framework of the campaign are set by the PS. “I have my doubts. It would not be paid by the State by any chance? We will check this “, warns the National Front. “He has nothing else to do as prime minister in a country with five million unemployed, than going to campaign for the Socialist Party?”. Review previously issued by the FN at the coming of Manuel Valls in Doubs, to support the PS candidate for the parliamentary by the beginning of the month.

Before the end of the first round of March 22, Manuel Valls has planned a dozen trips to the departments “of all types,” said Matignon. The Prime Minister will alternate meetings and field visits. After a first stage in the Aude Thursday, the Prime Minister will be this Friday in Ille-et-Vilaine.


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