Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cukierman and Boubaker: “We have the same battle to fight” – Le Point

Cukierman and Boubaker: "We have the same battle to fight" – Le Point

The controversy arose about the Roger Cukierman gave way Tuesday afternoon to words of “appeasement” of Presidents of CRIF and CFCM, but emphasizes the complexity of the dialogue between Jews and Muslims in France, flush skin since the attacks of January. The President of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France (CRIF) was found Monday in the storm for his doublespeak on Marine Le Pen, described as “flawless personally,” and the young Muslims authors in his “all violence. “

” Public apologies “

The controversy was speaking the day of the annual dinner of CRIF, ecumenical and political event responsible for a particular symbolic after the attacks in Paris who made the January 7 to 9, 17 dead, including four Jews killed in a kosher store. Outraged at the stigmatization of young Muslims, the president of the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) Dalil Boubaker boycotted the dinner, the director of the National Observatory against Islamophobia Abdallah Zekri demanding his side “public apology”.

It is finally on the steps of the Elysee, where they were invited by François Hollande to deliver a “staging post” Messrs. Cukierman and Boubaker buried the hatchet. “We are on the same boat, we have the same battle to fight against racism and anti-Semitism,” he told Mr. Cukierman. “We want between the Muslim community and the Jewish community, we have a common understanding of living together.”

The spirit of responsibility of the presidents of CRIF and CFCM

For its part, Dalil Boubaker said he had “presented” to the president and Roger Cukierman ‘worth of Muslims in France who had suffered a number of words in the past and made yesterday [...]. We wanted make appeasement necessary and useful, so that the faithful of our two communities can once again share the principle of conviviality, of living together, mutual trust, mutual respect, “he added . Prime Minister Manuel Valls welcomed in a tweet “the spirit of responsibility of the presidents of CRIF and CFCM. Around the president, they showed the strength of living together.”

s Muslim leaders’ worried about a conflation of Islam and terrorism, and exasperate since January of the order to reaffirm their commitment to the values ​​of the Republic and of renewed Islamophobic acts. For their part, in addition to the attacks on the Jews are facing an outbreak of anti-Semitic acts, which doubled last year compared to 2014. “We are in a moment of truth in France. We can not say , pretend that radical Islam did not exist, “said Tuesday the president of the Israelite Consistory of France, Joel Mergui. “It is a matter of transparency to say that when acts are committed by saying Allah Akbar , they are committed in the name of Islam,” he added. “When the murders were made in France or in different countries, by exploiting Islam, it has the duty to say so.”

The “spirit of January 11,” is it going to crumble?

The “spirit of January 11,” is it falling apart? To Malek Chebel, an anthropologist of religion, “for two or three weeks after [the attacks, Ed], there was no overflow, we had the impression that the right opponent had been identified,” but “Now it relaxes a bit and we go into the usual mode of suspicion.” Since January 7, “we became more visible with each other,” he notes, and it allowed “a heightened awareness” of the suffering of the Jewish community on the one hand, and harm to Muslims by the other amalgams.

Without wishing to comment on the controversy Cukierman itself, he noted the need for changing the dialogue between Jews and Muslims. “We rule painful passive where people are not mutually listening, a kind of autism on both sides of the fence, and yet it is to create another way of living together.”


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