Wednesday, February 25, 2015

He throws grenades against a Le Mans mosque three years … – TF1

He throws grenades against a Le Mans mosque three years … – TF1

A 69 year old man was sentenced Wednesday to Le Mans and sentenced to three years in prison suspended for two for throwing, causing no casualties, exercise grenades and drawn against a mosque in the city in early January, the day of the attack against Charlie Hebdo . The sentence was accompanied by a probation and a duty of care. The accused, imprisoned since his arrest in mid-January and held in solitary confinement since then has been detained.

It is consistent with that had required the prosecutor who had noted that acts of Jacques Chaillou, a former psychiatric nurse with no criminal record, had been committed “on background of racial prejudice and stigmatizing amalgams. ” Jacques Chaillou had recognized soon after being arrested several days after the event, having launched four plaster grenades but also have fired a gun 22 Long Rifle against the mosque Sablons, Le Mans, on the night of 7 to 8 January around midnight. One hour, he told investigators his defense, where he “doubted” that there was nobody in the place of worship.

To explain these acts, which he said on Tuesday, “he was not proud,” Jacques Chaillou, focused on alcohol and depression, described being upset by Death of Charlie Hebdo cartoonists. “I am a Republican, atheist, the story of Charlie Hebdo me fucking pissed. It is a barrier to the independence of the press in our country,” he said in court. His gesture was “spontaneous”, he had been drinking, he acknowledged. The fact that he stuck screws on grenades? “To fear,” he replies. Why have painted green before throwing them in the mosque? To frighten, to show that the French can also occur, “says the sexagenarian, who had told the expert” feel threatened by Islam. “

“We are educated on respect and forgiveness”

“We condemn this act Islamophobic” came to mean a bar imam of the mosque, Mohamed Lamaachi . However, “on behalf of Muslim around the world, we are not going to ask anything (no damage and interest Ed). We share forgiveness, we are educated on respect and forgiveness. “” If he comes to the mosque, he will be greeted with tea and couscous, “he added. Five days after being attacked to the mosque, Jacques Chaillou fired from his home on a neighbor who asked him to calm down while he shouted. The sleeves and DNA found then had helped to confuse.

For these facts, it was ordered to pay 1,500 euros in damages to the victim.” We were still in the presence of someone who is 70 years old, who is ill, who has a clean record. Ever the gentleman has made about him or has had any problems with the law. So there certainly has blown a lead, he said, but one year in prison in a case like this it seems heavy, “responded his lawyer Stephane Cornille. He was later to consult with his client for a possible appeal. For the charges against him by Mr. Chaillou faced a sentence of ten years in prison. Between the attacks of Charlie Hebdo on January 7 and January 31, 147 anti-Muslim acts were committed in France, according the National Observatory against Islamophobia.


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