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Bettencourt trial: Maximum penalty sought against Banier, relax … – The Obs

Bettencourt trial: Maximum penalty sought against Banier, relax … – The Obs

Bordeaux (AFP) – A maximum penalty of three years in prison was required Friday to Bettencourt trial against François-Marie Banier photographer, former confidant of billionaire Liliane Bettencourt, tried for “abuse of weakness”, the However relaxes being sought for the former UMP minister Eric Woerth.

After six hours of meticulous indictment, the deputy prosecutor Gerard Aldigé called the prison against Four of the ten defendants and one year suspended sentence against one of the notaries of Liliane Bettencourt. He said “they could not ignore the situation of weakness” of the richest woman in France in the fall of 2006 “when they accepted his gifts.”

In the absence of “sufficient evidence” or “benefit of doubt”, he also called for the release of four of them: the member for the Oise Eric Woerth, audiovisual entrepreneur Stephane Courbit, Pascal Wilhelm lawyer and notary Patrice Bonduelle


Regarding the former disprove Liliane Bettencourt, Alain Thurin, between life and death for attempted suicide on January 25 on the eve of the trial, a prosecutor asked that he be tried later although he recalled having requested a dismissal for it at the end of the statement.

Main Target prosecutors, François-Marie Banier, prosecuted for having obtained the billionaire 400 million Euro, has suffered the wrath of the charge, who described it as a “pack leader responsible for the destruction of an entire family.”

“liar” and “smarmy” who held under his “total control” Liliane Bettencourt a “vulnerable” to elicit donations, huge life insurance contracts, master paintings, etc … Making use of “the full panoply of a guru”, identifies the “flaws of its target,” seduces and flatters. “Once it’s in his net, he has released more she became his thing,” insisted the prosecutor.

“For what he coveted,” “us have evidence aplenty that he managed to create a vacuum around it, isolating her daughter, disparaging to André Bettencourt, her husband, “he added. He justified the maximum sentence (three years in prison and 375,000 euro fine) because of “the great moral and personal injury” to the detriment of Liliane Bettencourt, now 92 years old and under guardianship.

– “Demonstrate” –

sentences of three years in prison, 18 months suspended and a fine of € 375,000 were required against the photographer companion Martin d’Orgeval, “shadow Banier,” which “has lost none of the feast,” and the former manager of the fortune of the heiress to the L’Oreal cosmetics group, Patrice de Maistre .

According to the prosecutor, the prisoners who “had to be the protector and betrayed him to join the pack,” “could not be unaware that Liliane Bettencourt was in a vulnerable situation.” “So it is knowingly that you have conducted in acts detrimental to its financial situation and reputation,” he told Gerard Aldigé financial, charged with “abuse of weakness” (12 million) and “laundering “.

The prosecutor however felt that” there was no charge and sufficient evidence of guilt “by Eric Woerth, accused of” concealment “of a sum – at least 50,000 euros – that would have given him in 2007 Patrice de Maistre, while the minister was campaign treasurer of the future President Nicolas Sarkozy, himself originally prosecuted in this case non-standard before being exonerated


“The coincidences are indeed disturbing, but it would prove that these remittances have been made,” he recalled, referring to four million transferred by Patrice de Maistre since Swiss bank accounts of Liliane Bettencourt, undeclared. “And he knew that the money came from an abuse of weakness at the expense of Liliane Bettencourt,” he said.

Other requests for release, those in favor of the owner of Lov Group Industries, Stéphane Courbit, and Pascal Wilhelm, prosecuted for inciting Liliane Bettencourt to invest 143 million euros in Lov Group. In both cases, the Prosecutor considered that this investment was not “harmful” to the billionaire.

A sentence of two years in prison and a fine of € 375,000 was also required against Carlos Vejarano and a year suspended sentence and 50,000 euro fine against the notary Jean-Michel Normand, “cash register” of acts of abuse of weakness of the main accused.

The defense argument commence from Monday 23 February and are expected to continue until Wednesday 25 February.


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