Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cukierman and Boubaker: a handshake and a little … – Europe1

Cukierman and Boubaker: a handshake and a little … – Europe1

Europe 1


INFO Francois Hollande wished to extinguish the controversy.. The head of state has been together the presidents of CRIF and the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM), Roger Cukierman and Boubakeur. The first was assured on Monday on Europe 1 that “all violence today are committed by young Muslims.” The second was in response, boycotted the traditional dinner of CRIF. Now, tensions have subsided and the two men shook hands

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“We wanted to bring the calming necessary so that the faithful of our two powerful communities again share the principle of friendliness and living together, “said Dalil Boubaker to get out of this one-hour meeting. The rector of the Great Mosque of Paris has nevertheless highlighted the “suffering of Muslims in France who suffered spoken words”


“We must unite against racism and anti-Semitism.” “We’ve known for a long time and we created together Jewish-Muslim friendships, there are 12 who continue to work. We are both in the same boat. We must unite against racism and anti-Semitism. We suffer in the Jewish community, murders that have recently been committed by men who claim a Islam completely hijacked the actual values ​​of the Qur’an, “replied Roger Cukierman, before concluding:” We want between our two communities, we have a common vision of living together. ” Then the two men shook hands for the cameras. A plan to promote dialogue with Islam, Muslims and security training for their representatives to be presented Wednesday by the Cabinet

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