Sunday, February 22, 2015

Socialist Party: Shots lashing out slingers –

Socialist Party: Shots lashing out slingers –

Lack of loyalty, respect for rules, explanations when the PS Congress in June; Slingers that have forced the government to 49.3 this week took to rank this Sunday night. The oreillesde Benoît Hamon had to whistle.

Not in the parliamentary game

This is first Jean-Marie Le Guen, State Secretary for Relations with Parliament, who criticized Sunday slingers socialist MPs not to be “back in the parliamentary game” in the debate on the Macron law.

“For years, since besides that François Hollande was elected and has a new majority there, there are people who have freed themselves collective rules and voting systematically against all important texts “ said Minister of iTELE. “Is that a problem? Sincerely yes “, he acknowledged.

What the radical left is at the height of the situation

And the minister to continue very harshly against these slingers it considers to be “in denial of reality, which is totally focused on its internal regulations accounts where sectarianism overrides other considerations” , a-t -he continued

“I find it very sad in view of the particularly serious situation in which we are today. The rise of the extreme right (…) economic crisis an unemployment that last “ ” I think it’s time that some left, some radical left is at the height of the situation, while keeping his critics “ has he said.

A Congress of PS which looks sporty

It is then the government spokesman Stéphane Le Foll who said there have “explanations have” in June at the Congress of the Socialist Party, after the call to vote no to Macron law by Benoît Hamon.

Benoît Hamon, former Minister of Education and one of the spokesman of the left wing of the PS, «said he would vote against” , said Mr Le Foll on BFM TV. “Compared to this, there will surely be in the explanations of Congress to have” . Asked whether the MPs concerned were to lose their investiture in 2017, Mr Le Foll said that “is the socialist party will decide.”

“We will try to work to ensure that there are rules that are still recalled because they can not remain as if nothing had happened” , a- he commented about the socialist deputies slingers, many had announced their intention to vote against the text. It may be the atmosphere at the Congress e

And Stéphane Le Foll added. “It is the responsibility of the Socialist Party, is also linked to the group’s chairman of responsibility (Bruno Le Roux) and the Socialist Group to find out what consequences drawn. Q hen you are elected and you want a label (…) there is solidarity behind to have “.

Bruno Le Roux does not of otherwise esty remains in this combined attack against the slingers. The president of the PS group in the National Assembly, said Sunday that the national office (BN) of the Socialist Party Tuesday “should be an opportunity to have clear rules. Our statutes, the statutes of the PS or of the Socialist Group in the Assembly, are very clear. No one is forced either to join a party or group “, said Bruno Le Roux at issuance T e policies France Inter / Le Parisien / France 3.


“When one part is to accept the rules” , he has said, denouncing “MPs who often prefer to the immediate present rather than reflect medium term in the way they work” . “I want there to be freedom and loyalty” , said the head of the socialist deputies. “Members who do not agree with the text have been at any time to present their point of view, at any time, they have never been prevented, never slanted” is there said. “Loyalty is that once expressed and we had answers to these disagreements, we support the government” , said Le Roux.


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