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François Hollande at the Agriculture living under tight security – The Obs

François Hollande at the Agriculture living under tight security – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – Francois Hollande, surrounded by a security service on the teeth, started from 7:00 on Saturday, traditional inaugural visit to the exhibition of Agriculture, meeting farmers worried about the application the new CAP.

The first stop on his arrival with Domimique Macke, owner of Filouse a Flemish Red 4 years, the star of the show.

Questions immediately. “Passion was passed on to our children. In the new CAP, can we look at our local races? Our roots are entitled to continue living?” “The CAP not only prevent but nothing will value these products,” replied the president.

Surrounded by a swarm of reporters and poles, and held off by a cordon of guards body president this year was the object of an enhanced security feature, given the risk of attacks, with Vigiparate Plan to its climax.

sign that never fails a security on the teeth, the spokesperson of the Peasant Confederation minority farmers’ union, was violently expelled from the delegation. “He was a victim of confusion, there is no problem,” said Francois Hollande told AFP. The president apologized to the person concerned. Pinatel incident closed for Laurent, who, however, had this comment: “It was intensive farms mentioned yesterday that speech Visibly disturbed.”

The Peasant Confederation on Friday issued a map showing that there. . 24 project “factory farms” and 5 effective structures

A little later, a Bretonne Pie Black breeder hoarse: “Stéphane !!!”. It challenges the Agriculture Minister Stephane Le Foll. “You okay?”, Asks the Minister. “And the seed recognition as a mixed milk / cow?” Asks Luc Bernard, breeder of the Sarthe, the stronghold of Stéphane Le Foll, who replied. “We will try to fix this”

In a Agricultural world in crisis, with revenues at half-mast, the show looks like a list of demands.

“There is urgency in simplification” of the standards and the application of the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), told AFP Guy Vasseur, president of Chambers of Agriculture

-. Excess standards –

“Farmers will in a few weeks doing their PAC statement and no one knows what it is, “he added.

Peter Vaugarny, secretary general of the Federation Nationale Bovine, calls him, Holland on credit access problems , and the excess of standards that are strangling farmers. “It seems that in the field, we are told over simplification, more bag-to-back loads,” says Vaugarny. “The controls are necessary but these controls which follow, it is not acceptable.” The state will be “soon” promises Francois Hollande.

When asked by the press, for him the show takes place under the sign of climate issues, which are also “responsibility” of farmers. Aware of the difficulties including the Russian embargo on food products. “We must be the state, from farmers,” he assured

Aquitaine stand, the president will then tasting Bayonne ham, having already consume cheese breakfast taste.

And in good adoption Corrézien and meat lover, the president wrote in the guestbook the Federation of butchers. “To all the butchers who give us advice, pleasure and pride”

As per tradition, the president began with the hall where farmers was still an hour and half after his arrival. Last year, he spent seven hours in the aisles of the largest farm in France

And like every year, paris are open. How long will the presidential visit? During the campaign in 2012, he remained a dozen hours, a record!

In his entourage, we just slip it must always be at the Elysee at 16h …


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