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Macron Act, the majority in turmoil after the use of 49-3 – Les Echos

Macron Act, the majority in turmoil after the use of 49-3 – Les Echos

Highly criticized, slingers of the socialist party demanding the departure of Manuel Valls. But they will not vote the motion of censure against the government


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“Immobilisme, conservatism, irresponsibility, immaturity” . Manuel Valls and he qualified this Wednesday as the Assembly members who were preparing Tuesday to vote against the draft law Macron before it the responsibility of the government to adopt the text without a vote. Were referred jumble the UMP and communist, some centrists and environmentalists and socialists slingers. In the aftermath of the use by the Executive of Article 49.3, the gap has continued to widen in the left in general and in particular PS.

For now, the government is not threatened. The censure motion tabled by the UMP and centrists of IDU and voted Thursday afternoon should be voted by the right … and the Communists. Environmentalists and slingers PS indicated that they do not argue. “There is no majority alternative” , has hammered Manuel Valls. This is true but it is not sufficient to refute the idea that the government no longer reliable majority in the Palais Bourbon. Especially as the text growth and activity, the number of elected officials who thought PS vote against or abstain beyond the usual circle of thirty slingers.

” The question will arise after the county “

Feeling grow wings, they began to demand the departure of Prime Minister. They hoped that in the fall aloud his sacking after a predictable defeat of PS in the departmental March, were silent on this point after the attacks of January. Yesterday, they again advanced this hypothesis. “I do not deviate the option to change the prime minister” , said Christian Paul on Radio Classique. “I ask for a new line, it has to go through a change of prime minister, it does not bother me,” , agreed Laurent Baumel on i-tele. “The question will arise after the county” says Pouria Amirshahi.

Except that the Head of State expressed his own determination to Cabinet: “We had no time to lose” . And inside the PS group in the Assembly, the atmosphere is explosive. At the meeting convened on Tuesday afternoon after 49.3, legitimists MPs slammed the ones who brought media attention to the infighting of the PS to five weeks of the county. Slingers were of course covered, but not only them. Because when scores made by the boss of the group Bruno Le Roux, the Secretaries of State for Relations with Parliament Jean-Marie Le Guen and advisors Matignon, several deputies refused to state their position on the Macron law. Contributing to uncertainty, and even, according to some, the use of 49 .3. And among these “secrets” included elected general rapporteur of the Budget Valérie Rabault as an official of the PS group and government sources confirm the “echoes”.

Silence Valerie Rabault

“It can not be general rapporteur of the Budget and not be in the group’s line” , criticized yesterday the door Floor-MPs PS Hugues Fourage. Valerie Rabault a “clarified” its position on tweeter: “I always voted the government’s texts” . But it was his silence Tuesday is charged. “Given the way we were treated Macron, we did not want to respond to requests from people who remembered it was just for a few hours … Obviously, we would never voted against “, says MP Dear Yann Galut, of its club- ” socialist Consistency “ – Valerie Rabault, Karine Berger (national secretary of the PS) and Alexis Bachelay.

In slingers like the hesitant, the leader of the PS deputies hear “the question of trust” and “compliance” . “There is a check to the minimum that must be solidarity” , insisted the spokesman of the government Stéphane Foll. He believes that there are steps to take. But the idea of ​​sanctions stumbles on four barriers: those taken so far – such as deprivation of responsibilities- had no effect on the slingers; the vote has not taken place, there is no act to punish; exclude members of the PS group means missing structurally majority; and everything to prepare its convention in June, the first party secretary Jean-Christophe Cambadélis is not prone to the disciplinary. “We’ll wait a little bit. Do not strike while the iron is hot “, he starts before adding without elaborating: ” I will set bounds “ LikeTweet

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