Thursday, February 26, 2015

Valls: the extreme right, our main rival – Liberation

Valls: the extreme right, our main rival – Liberation

Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Thursday called for vigilance against the extreme right, “principal enemy”, he said, not only of the left but of France, during his first election rally that he chose to hold in socialist Aude.

“With us, there obviously has the extreme right is our main opponent. It is not only the main opponent of the left but the country, “he told Palaja, in the suburbs of Carcassonne.

And to warn against the Navy’s party Le Pen, who “gives the impression of having changed showcase”. The extreme right “does not like the Republic and spreads the poison of division and racism.”

“The extreme right does not deserve France,” he added, saying that its program led to the “weakening” of the country, while the FN is credited with 30% of the vote in the county elections in March, he recalled.

“I run a solemn appeal here of course to all voters on the left, all Republicans to defeat the National Front in each township to live the values ​​of the Republic, “he said, facing more than 500 enthusiastic supporters.

The right has also taken a beating. “The line holds great speeches but for more than two years has not been able to offer,” and when it comes to support the competitiveness of enterprises, it is “not to go” a- he said in apparent reference to Macron law.

He accused her of not having a clear position on the political level, referring to the elections Doubs there are two weeks the PS s ‘was found against the FN in the second round. He concluded: “Right now it is an opposition without any proposal.”

Mr. Valls defended the program of the left giving a positive assessment of the government’s action engaged in reforms. “France, has he said, must move forward, evolve, adapt without denying what it is.” “The urgency is employment, but also the purchasing power,” he said, listing a series of measures to raise, particularly among the poor.

He presented this support to the poor as “solidarity”. “I do not like the assistantship. It is solidarity because it corresponds to reality. “Finally he called on the French to vote on 22 and 29 March, stressing the importance of voting in the context of the new French territorial policy. “It is no less important elections as others,” he declared.



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