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Dinner of CRIF, “clumsiness” and developed – Liberation

Dinner of CRIF, "clumsiness" and developed – Liberation

Roger Cukierman had an exhausting day. And you can hear the sound of his voice. Despite tweets and developed that succeeded during the day Monday, the remarks calamitous President of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France (CRIF) on Marine Le Pen have worried in the French Jewish community, many more than those he made also on the “young Muslims” responsible for “violence against Jews.”

Before going to table Monday night for the traditional dinner of CRIF brings together 700 guests, few however venture to openly criticize Roger Cukierman. “This is the time that a Republican dinner, a moment of unity” says, escaping, a young Jewish leader, usually more forthcoming. “Cukierman was awkward but has perhaps he wanted to Holland to the wall” , tries to explain, for his part, Michel Serfaty rabbi of Ris, invested in dialogue with Muslims. Others pleaded not guilty to the president Cukierman, which they would have been dragged along in his remarks by issues of Jean-Pierre Elkabbach on Europe 1 in the morning.

An old regular at dinner of CRIF, Bernard Weil, has more freedom of tone. “It is unfortunate is unfortunate he repeated. These statements have cast disorder “ The lawyer Arno Klarsfeld is more cash. ” It was said Cukierman about Marine Le Pen is unacceptable. She never broke away from his father’s anti-Semitic statements “, he insists. “Cukierman is hooked alone , cowardly, he Salomon Malka. His remarks vis-à-vis Marine Le Pen was seen as a sort of discharge of kosher certificate to those who might be tempted to vote for the National Front. “

Muslim leaders angry

On his arrival, the President of the Republic, François Hollande, leads except for a handful of minutes, Roger Cukierman. They have a little chat face to face. After installing guests, Cukierman spoke. At the microphone, his voice is tired. In front of the guests, it is a new development. About the “boss” National Front: it is not, as he repeats in his developed the day, “neither frequentable” or “blameless” . “We will continue to not invite M me Le Pen dinner of CRIF and does not advise to vote for the National Front,” he concludes. The development was needed. Especially for the vote. Many saw some ambiguity about this in the statements of the president of CRIF on Europe 1. “Cukierman was a hidden child during the war. He knows what Nazism. It is unthinkable to suspect the call to vote for the extreme right, “ fixes a young Jewish leader.

With the Muslim leaders, the quarrel is likely to last. The President of the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) Dalil Boubaker, said in mid-afternoon, he would not come to the dinner of CRIF. Like Mohammed Moussaoui, head of the Union of mosques in France (UMF). The President of CRIF hopes to revive quickly with his “friend” Bouabakeur. Very close to the Jewish community, the imam of Drancy, Hassen Chalghoumi, he has not declined. “This is not the time to argue in these moments that France is going through. We must strengthen the contrary living together “ he says. Hassen Chalghoumi however advanced the hundreds of graves desecrated in Alsace have not been by Muslim youth.

In his speech, the president of CRIF evokes the again “young Muslims” , responsible, in her eyes, most violence against Jews. The terms are pretty much the same as he used the morning on Europe 1. On this point, it has also a broad consensus in Jewish circles. And for many, too, the CFCM was too “prompt” to react …

Developed Holland

Despite the “spirit of January 11 “ that everyone invokes, fractures are clearly going to widen. François Pupponi, the PS mayor of Sarcelles, very mixed city, agrees. Himself admits his concern. “The Jewish community is very concerned and the Muslim community feels stigmatized. In fact, on both sides, there is now much unsaid. “

When he speaks, the president tries to reassure gives some details on the future fight against antisemitism plan presented a few days. The penalties will be increased and Education. Echoing statements Cukierman, François Hollande, about the extreme right, operates several developed. “Anti-Semitism, he says, , and particularly in France, both ancient roots that plunge into the history of the French extreme right without it get truly liberated and more recent source is hatred of Israel. Far from excluding these two forms of loathing Jews overlap and reinforce each other. “


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