Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Social dialogue: Valls outlines a reform minima – The Obs

Social dialogue: Valls outlines a reform minima – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – Prime Minister Manuel Valls present Wednesday to labor and management’s conservative options to reform the social dialogue in business after the thunderclap of its use of Article 49-3 to pass the Macron draft law.

The leaders of three employers’ organizations (MEDEF, CGPME, UPA) and five unions (CGT, CFDT, FO, CFTC, CFE-CGC) have an appointment at 15:00 Matignon .

Prime Minister will unveil their “policy options” chosen for this reform “essential”, supposed to lift the latches job creation by businesses, said the government source told AFP.

In the absence of an agreement between the social partners failed to agree in January, the executive had to take control of this sensitive issue, but it will continue “consultations” with the two Parties to the writing of the bill, says one.

To simplify and improve the dialogue between employers and employee representatives, often too formal, the government has also inspired tracks already advanced in negotiations; thus it will establish an external representation for the very small business employees (TPE, less than 11 employees), which currently lack

For larger businesses there. provides for the possibility to combine the multiple instances. A solution minima, which does not extend to the full merger proposed by the MEDEF, the project “works council” did not convince the unions.

The Vice President of MEDEF Jean-François Pilliard, asked the government to “close as possible” to the last text on the table by the employers.

“social 49-3″

Conversely, the number of Workers Power, Jean-Claude Mailly, warned that if the government “had fun” resume “almost completely” proposals of MEDEF “” it would be a form of social 49-3 ” .

To the same effect, his counterpart of the CGT, Philippe Martinez, warned that the union does not want proposals to be “consistent copy of those MEDEF.”

The leader of the CFDT, Laurent Berger, he is not a “mini-law” but real reform and believes that the use of 49-3 on the text “would be a bad thing.”

To avoid resorting again to this weapon, the government will collect its majority on this project that will bring the Labour Minister François Rebsamen, without hitting the Socialist deputies “slingers” that are listening to . Unions

The government has had to juggle: it proposes the extension of an existing one, the “one delegation staff” (DUP), which already allows the employer to combine two instances ( stewards, works councils). Scheduled for 50 to 200 employees in companies, it will be extended to 300.

This single delegation would also have the powers of health committees, safety and working conditions (HSC). “The powers of expertise and litigation of CHCST will be guaranteed,” said is it a government source to reassure unions, concerned about the dilution of this instance of defending employees’ working conditions.

No changes are planned for companies with 11 to 50 employees while the government recognized that the situation was not satisfactory in these deserts union.

For companies with more than 300 employees, the opportunity will be given to companies to group instances with the agreement of the unions.

In addition, the Prime Minister could enter the meeting to discuss the employment market and time work, assessing the impact of the latest reform of 2013.

But by fixing their agenda Monday, employers and unions have decided themselves to this assessment, signifying their desire to remain masters of this . about

The social dialogue bill will also comprise two “riders” legislation: one on the specific scheme of the entertainment and the other on the premium of activity that will replace from 1 January next the premium for employment and RSA-activity.


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