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Double steering of the Harry Winston jewelry from 9 months to 15 years … –

Double steering of the Harry Winston jewelry from 9 months to 15 years … –

On October 6, 2007 and on 4 December 2008, several million of watches and jewelery were stolen in the Harry Winston jewelry within Paris . Note that the 900 stolen jewels, only 279 will be found, while eight people involved in this case come to welcome the verdict of the Paris Assize Court about their fate.

If Advocate General had requested 18 months to 12 years imprisonment for the accused (six of them risked 30 years and the other two, life imprisonment), the jury finally showed relatively less lenient. The eight defendants therefore got sentenced to terms ranging from 9 months in prison and 15 years’ imprisonment

Robbery of the Harry Winston jewelry. 15 years for “Doudou”

The heaviest sentence was pronounced against Douadi Y. says “Doudou”, an “offender” so 50 years from being sentenced to spend 15 years behind bars. specifies that “Doudou” had already lived 23 years in a cell after committing several robberies and have lent to drug trafficking.

5 years in prison a former security guard jewelery

Mouloud D., 39, a former security guard of the Harry Winston jewelry, scoop meanwhile 5 years in prison, suspended for three have been an important informant douadi Y. The representative of the Crown was also said about him that “without him, nothing would have happened” . Farid A. (49) for his part was sentenced to 10 years in prison, Karim D. (32), Hassen B. (32) and Faudile D. (nephew of “Doudou”) to 6 years, Patrick C. (40) at 3 years including 18 months suspended and Areski Y. (brother of “Doudou) to 9 months

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