Thursday, February 26, 2015

Alsatian autonomists of fighting against the merger of Alsace … – The Express

Alsatian autonomists of fighting against the merger of Alsace … – The Express

20 000. This is the number of signatures obtained by Alsatian autonomists, who wish to obtain a referendum against the marriage of the Alsace region Lorraine and Champagne Ardenne.

Those responsible for this petition, which present themselves as advocates of “social protection, economic, cultural and geographical Alsace”, hoping to March 31, collect the signatures of at 10% of the Alsatian voters, 127,000 signatories for the organization of a local referendum before June.

Some councilors signatories

The petition, launched just two weeks ago on the Internet (, collected for the time more 20 000 signatures of people who are in favor of it “that the Alsace region is seeking the state to test a new territorial organization in Alsace,” said Jean-Michel Ritter, one of the organizers.

Several councilors, including the President of the General Council of the Upper Rhine Charles Buttner and UMP mayor of Colmar Marcel Bauer signed the document and the UMP Upper Rhine and Jean Laurent Furst Louis Christ, he said.

Without challenging the law on the reform of the regions, the instigators of this petition want within the territorial reform “its own organization in Alsace” and claim to rely on an article General Local Authorities Code, which states that 10% of the electorate can enter the Region to ask him to write “the organization of a consultation” on its agenda.




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